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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Maisie Williams



With the last season of Game of Thrones upon us, it’s just one last time that we get to impress people by giving seemingly random facts about pretty much anything that has to do with one of the best TV shows in recent history. Where there’s no doubt that Arya Stark is going to have quite an important role to play and we’ve seen her journey over the last decade, what do we really know about the actress that plays her – Maisie Williams?


Fret no more, here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Maisie Williams. And then some.



Game of Thrones Was Her Acting Debut
That’s not a bad show to start a career in, isn’t it? I mean, where do you even go from there?


She Had To Become Left-Handed
Since Arya Stark is described as left-handed in the books and Maisie wanted to keep as true to the character as possible, she learnt herself how to do a lot of things with her left hand. Now that’s dedication!



Her Passion Is Dancing
Considering how the Braavosi style of swordplay is very much like dancing, this just proves that Maisie was perfect for the role.


She’s Best Friends With Sophie Turner
No matter how much these sisters have their disagreement on screen, they get along swimmingly once the cameras stop rolling.



She’s Very Active on Social Media
She has quite a Twitter following and used to be fairly active on Vine. She quit the latter platform after she discovered it was hard to build a following there unless you were saying something racist or sexist.


She Hates The Gore In GoT
Maisie has frequently stated that she doesn’t like all the extreme violence in the show, and she hasn’t even read the books because of this.



Maisie Quit School At 14
Considering how playing a lead role in Game of Thrones probably filled her bank account up enough to never have to work again anyway, her dropping out of high school kind of makes sense. I doubt being a fulltime student would combine with a fulltime acting gig anyway.