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7 Things You Need To Know Before Watching Shazam!



The DC Universe is slowly but surely catching up on the all-powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe that seems to be churning out hit movie after hit movie. The latest DC movies, especially Wonder Woman and Aquaman, have received amazing reviews and have shown that the DC Universe is nearly reaching the point where they’ve figured out which direction they want to take their franchise.


Their latest addition, Shazam!, isn’t really the most well-known hero. We thought it might be useful to inform you about some stuff that will make the movie easier to understand and follow. Minor spoilers may or may not follow, so consider yourself warned.



Shazam Name
While Shazam doesn’t sound like too awesome name, he was actually initially named Captain Marvel. Yeah, you’re already seeing a few problems here, aren’t you? After the 2011 DC reboot, they decided to just ditch the Captain Marvel name and stuck with Shazam for good.


Yes, He’s A Kid
No, turning into his adult superhero form doesn’t make him an adult. No matter in which form he is, Shazam is mentally essentially a teenager. This will explain a lot of his somewhat erratic and overexcited behavior.



The Shazam Family
Shazam had a superpowered family in the comics and it appears that the movie will be no different. None of their powers seem to be permanent and are attached to Shazam’s own power, so they’re probably just the random sidekicks that most heroes gain. It might be different in the movie series, though!


His Name Is An Acronym
His name is an acronym for six gods that grant him abilities: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury.



Black Adam
The most known Shazam enemy is Black Adam, who is being played by Dwayne Johnson. He won’t have a big role in the first movie and probably not in the second one either, but expect him to turn up sooner or later!


Justice League Connection
We can be pretty short about this one: yes, Shazam was a part of the Justice League in the comics and it’s pretty much assumed that he’ll join the League pretty soon in the DCEU.



Who Is Mr. Mind?
So, this is probably only useful for the post-credits scene, but Mr. Mind is another villain that’s shown in the Shazam movie. I won’t spoil too much about him, but at least now you know what you need to look for if you want more information.