7 Movies That Are So Bad They’re Actually Pretty Good


We could spend hours discussing amazing movies that are indeed well-directed, well-written, and well-done overall, but where’s the fun in that? It’s much more interesting to take a look at some garbage flicks that for some reason people claim are “so bad they’re good”. And yes, of course, “The Room” is on the list. Don’t you worry!


Here are 7 movies that are so bad they’re good!



1. On Deadly Ground
What? Steven Seagal starred in a bad movie? NO WAY! This movie tells us about an environmentalist named Forest (haha, how quaint) who’s about to take on a lot of bad guys hired by some corporation. “Save the environment” – we hear you loud and clear, Steven… But then there are big explosions, oil spills, and forest fires. You know, stuff that harms Mother Nature. On the other hand, there’s a bear fight, so there’s that.



2. Anaconda
Yes, this is that “horrible anaconda movie”, the one and on-… what do you mean there’s a sequel? The script is laughable, the actors are so bad they’ll give you a laugh, and don’t get me started on the CGI. Sometimes a ridiculous movie is exactly what you need to brighten your day!

3. Face/Off
Honestly, almost every movie with Nicholas Cage could be on this list. And you know why that is, but with “Face/Off” we also have John Travolta to spice things up. Travolta playing Cage, and vice versa is a genius plot design to see once and for all who is the crazier one. Good times all around.

4. 2012
A disaster movie that feels more like a comedy? Sounds like “2012” to me. It is definitely ridiculous, but what’s good about it? How about that scene where the dude outruns an earthquake? It’s so dumb! Or that time the Dalai Lama drove a truck. Wasn’t that just bonkers? I guess if you like stuff like this, you’ll enjoy the movie too.

5. Deep Blue Sea
I don’t know about you but “Deep Blue Sea” is an okay movie in my book. Maybe it’s because I was a wee lad when I last saw it. But either way, it’s about smart sharks. Yeah, that’s right, a bunch of scientists decided to test some experimental drugs on sharks only to realize they’re making them more intelligent. One of the best scenes in the entire movie is the chef jumping inside the oven to escape from the shark. Guess what happens next. The shark turns on the gas and tries to cook the chef!

6. The Wicker Man
The Wicker Man” is quite a horrible movie starring Nick Cage (again), but it gave birth to so many memes and jokes, I’d say it’s a cult classic. First of all, it’s supposed to be a thriller, but it feels more like an art-house comedy, in particular, the scene with the bees. You know the one… “NOT THE BEES!”

7. The Room
And finally, the best of the worst – Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”. I’ve never watched it beginning to end, but I’ve seen enough to cringe at everyone and everything in it. It looks and sounds fake, the script is nonsensical and Tommy’s acting, well, let me know if you find it. I really don’t see an upside for this movie other than “Let’s get drunk and watch this piece of garbage! Oh, hi, Mark”.