7 Movies About Friends Turned Enemies


While we’re all spending some time away from our friends in our respective quarantines, this is the perfect time to think about friendship and what we gain from it as people. Is it worth investing all that precious time and energy into people that might not give it back? Do we even trust our friends to have our interests at heart at all times?

If these are questions you find yourself asking on a regular basis, I present you a list of some of the greatest movies about friends turning enemies. Maybe you’ll find the answer here. As an added bonus, most of these movies have superheroes in them. Ain’t that grand?

Captain America: Civil War

It’s a superhero movie about superheroes not quite agreeing on what it means to be a superhero. Turns out that protecting the guy that killed your friends’ parents, isn’t a very nice thing to do. Yet ratting out your friend about killing your other friends’ parents isn’t a good thing to do either. Captain America had no chance of winning this one.


One of the last good M. Night Shyamalan movies tells the story of Bruce Willis being harmless to all forms of injury. After an accident that leaves him as the only survivor, he runs into Nick Fury who helps him understand his abilities, only for Bruce Willis to realise at the end of the movie that Nick Fury was actually Mr. Glass, the person responsible for the accident Bruce Willis was in.

The Prestige

If you’re into Christopher Nolan movies, this one is worth a watch. The movie tells the story of two friends and magicians, Wolverine and Batman, trying to constantly outstage one another when it comes to performing the best magic trick. Sadly, Wolverine’s wife dies when a trick performed by Batman goes wrong, and the two never see eye to eye ever again.


I mean, I can’t really divulge the details of this one without spoiling the entire plot, and since there hasn’t been sequels to this yet, maybe not everyone would know. I mean, you can probably guess by now that one of the Watchmen doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with the other ones. I can tell you that much.

X-Men: First Class

If you want to relive how Charles Xavier and Magneto go from being friends to becoming mortal enemies with a weird sort of mutual respect towards eachother, this will be the movie for you. It’s a nice movie about trying to reach the same goal sometimes leading to different paths in life.

The Social Network

Not only does this movie tell the story of Mark Zuckerberg’s path to creating Facebook, it also tells the story of his friendship with second Spider-Man and how it turned sour after Mark got more and more wealthy and powerful. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg turned so powerful and evil that later on, he turned into Lex Luthor and got Superman killed.

Spider-Man 3

In this movie, Spider-Man (the first one, so unrelated to the second one mentioned earlier) loses his friendship with Harry Osborn as the latter discovers that Spider-Man caused his father’s death. I mean, that’s actually a pretty valid reason, when you look at it that way. Maybe Spider-Man was the true villain after all.