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7 Most Hated Game of Thrones Characters Ever



Game of Thrones has become a worldwide phenomenon not because of the cast or the premise, but because of the array of characters present here (and also the devilish plot twists). There are characters you can’t help but root for, and, of course, there are their polar opposites that you hate with every fiber of your being.


And so here are the 7 most hated Game of Thrones characters!



1. Joffrey Baratheon
At first he was this spoiled royal brat, but after daddy Baratheon’s death, something in that boy’s brain just snapped. He became quite the sadist. Just like his mommy, who’s also somewhere on the list.


2. Craster
Remember when Jon journeyed behind the Wall and found Craster’s settlement? What a sight for sore eyes it was! One dude, dozens of women, who were also his daughters, all of them pregnant and praying to the gods they’re carrying a girl. If it’s a boy, daddy Craster would just feed it to the Others. What a jerk!



3. Alliser Thorne
Alliser Thorne always hated Jon Snow for reasons unknown. And it only got worse as the series went on. Jon became the new Commander, beating Thorne by a hair. To which Thorne responded with a mutiny, which eventually lead to the iconic stabbing scene of Jon Snow. Hey, at least he died almost right after that!


4. Robert Arryn
Chances are that Robert Arryn may be mentally challenged, I don’t know, but I also don’t care because he’s a spoiled brat with a really weird mother. He also has that Moon Door which he uses to get rid of unwanted guests. He almost killed Tyrion and proposed some weird stuff to Sansa. Chill, bro.



5. Walder Frey
The Freys make the best meat pies in all of Westeros. They’re also famous for betraying the Starks during the iconic and gut-wrenching Red Wedding, where a lot of blood has been spilled. “The Lannisters send their regards”. Gives me the chills every time.


6. Cersei Lannister
All hail the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms – Cersei Lannister! She really rocks. Her word is as strong as the walls of the Red Keep, and will never shatter. Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the puns now. We all waited for her death, after all the suffering she’s brought to the realm, all the lives she’s ruined, and all for what…



7. Ramsay Bolton
Last but not least is everyone’s favorite mad dog – Ramsay Bolton. First he kills his brother, then his father, then he chops off Theon’s little “Theon”, rapes Sansa, and in the end kills Rickon Stark by shooting him in the back, like a real coward. But karma has a cruel sense of humor, and he dies being eaten alive by his own dogs.