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7 Kids Movies That Make Adults Cry


Kids movies are a weird phenomenon. They’re aimed at children, yet they always add in stuff for adults that seem to hit you a lot harder than you’d expect. And somehow you find yourself trying to hold back the tears because you can’t appear weak in front of your child. That’s always an awkward situation to be in.

If you hate awkwardness, here’s a few children’s movies you should avoid.


If you can watch the first fifteen minutes of Up without crying or at least trying very hard not to, you’re not a real person. Don’t try to fool me, reptilian invader!

Inside Out

The sheer nature of this movie confronts you with emotions on an unprecedented scale, so keep the tissues at the ready when watching this one.


A baby elephant getting mocked for its large ears and having his mother imprisoned for defending him, that’s harsh. I’m pretty sure you could play this movie over and over to torture people. “Just tell us the nuclear codes or the elephant keeps getting laughed at.”

Any Toy Story

I mean, these movies, I don’t even. All of these are so emotional, and they’re movies about toys. It’s like those toys are more alive than most people are. I do guess that’s kind of the point they’re trying to make, so well done there.


It’s one of the best Pixar movies in years, so that’s already saying something. And a movie about the dead trying to be remembered in order to keep their spirits alive is certainly bound to evoke some emotion.

The Lion King

Mufasa dying is something I’m still trying to deal with as an adult person. I mean, just close your eyes and listen to the music score playing during that scene and you’ll see the tragedy happening before you. It’s such a sad and iconic piece of film history.


His mother gets shot right in front of him. I don’t think this movie needs more explanation. None of us have seen this movie without crying.