7 Best Thanksgiving Movies Worth Watching


What do you do on Thanksgiving, aside from stuffing your gut with delicious turkey, mashed taters, and gravy? You watch TV, hoping that none of your relatives will come to bother you. With the Internet around, you may as well queue up some Thanksgiving-themed movies for everyone and sneak out of the house while they’re distracted.

Here are 7 best Thanksgiving movies worth watching!

1. Hannah and Her Sisters

Hannah, Lee, and Holly are three sisters with quite different lifestyles. Hannah is a mother living the luxurious life of a popular actress. Holly tries to follow her example, and Lee enjoys living together with an elderly sociopathic artist. On Thanksgiving, the three sisters traditionally get together, and this time their meeting changes everything. Elliot, Hannah’s husband, suddenly falls in love with Lee, which creates confusion and a lot of juicy drama.

Hannah and Her Sisters | 7 Best Thanksgiving Movies Worth Watching | Brain Berries

2. The Oranges

This sweet comedy tells of the Ostroff and Walling families who live next door in the cozy town of West Orange. They are all friends, almost relatives, and on Thanksgiving, the “prodigal daughter” Nina returns home after failing to survive in a big city. Nina’s mother has been dreaming of ​​marrying her daughter to the Willing son – Toby. Of course, things in comedies never work out as expected.

The Oranges | 7 Best Thanksgiving Movies Worth Watching | Brain Berries

3. Home for the Holidays

Claudia Larson was fired from the museum, and her underage daughter announced that she was going to sleep with her boyfriend. All that right before Thanksgiving. She then decides to stay with her eccentric parents, and it would have been a total bust if it wasn’t for the mysterious Leo, her gay brother’s new friend. What’s going to happen next?

Home for the Holidays | 7 Best Thanksgiving Movies Worth Watching | Brain Berries

4. Pieces of April

April Burns, who lives in the worst neighborhood of New York with her boyfriend, can’t wait to spend some holiday time with her huge family. While she is struggling with preparing the turkey, we get to know her mom, dad, siblings, grandma, etc. Despite seeing a lot of cringe coming from both sides, we get a happy ending full of kindness and good vibes. Also, I’d never eat that floor turkey. Probably.

Pieces of April | 7 Best Thanksgiving Movies Worth Watching | Brain Berries

5. The Blind Side

John Lee Hancock’s drama tells the story of a real American football player, Michael Ower. The film shows the time when the future NFL star was a teenager. “Big Mike” is excellent with sports, but he’s basically broke. However, his life changes in an instant when he meets this Irish family. First, Michael celebrates Thanksgiving with them, and then thanks to Lee Ann’s mentoring, he starts a new life.

The Blind Side | 7 Best Thanksgiving Movies Worth Watching | Brain Berries

6. Addams Family, The Thanksgiving Special

Shortly before Thanksgiving, a treacherous money-hungry lady marries Fester, and at the same time, sends Wednesday and Pugsley to the summer camp. There the angry, near-psychotic, children decide to celebrate a national holiday. But they do it in a unique Addams way.

Addams Family, The Thanksgiving Special | 7 Best Thanksgiving Movies Worth Watching | Brain Berries

7. The Scent of a Woman

And lastly, in one of the most important roles of his life, Al Pacino portrays Colonel Slade, a grumpy old military man who is also blind. One day on Thanksgiving, his niece decides to take a break from being his private nurse. Instead, she sends in Charlie, a timid student, to look after the colonel. However, Slade tricks him into going to New York, and they have a grand old time together. Trust me, you can not see that friendship coming from a mile away!

The Scent of a Woman | 7 Best Thanksgiving Movies Worth Watching | Brain Berries