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7 Actors Who Regretted Quitting TV Shows


Have you ever wondered if this or that actor would like to come back to the show he had quit years ago? It so happens that sometimes, when all is said and done between the star and whoever is running the show, the actor starts regretting their words and decisions. Too bad they’re not getting a second chance!


Here are 7 stunning actors who regretted quitting TV shows.



1. Chevy Chase – Saturday Night Live
Back in the day when SNL was just a wee baby, it was a gateway to the show business for many comedians, including Chevy Chase. He even had his own little segment inside the show called “Weekend Update”. 40 years later, he told the Carson Daly that he thought his SNL career isn’t going anywhere. Well, turns out he was wrong, but at least the movie thing worked out for him, sort of.



2. Christopher Eccleston – Doctor Who
Eccleston’s charisma got me into Doctor Who, so I was very sad when he regenerated into David Tennant. Although Tennant eventually became my favorite Doctor, #9 still holds a special place in my heart. So, why did he leave such an iconic show after only 13 episodes? It’s the dreaded “creative differences”, of course. As to regretting. Christopher mused that had he stayed for a bit longer, he’d show a much better performance, and maybe we’d get to see a few more seasons with him.

3. Matt Smith – Doctor Who
Speaking of Doctor Who, let’s mention Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor. He wasn’t bad, maybe too hectic for me personally, but he did play the role of the Time Lord for 4 seasons. His last 122 episodes he was traveling with Clara Oswald played by Jenna Coleman, and in one of the interviews Matt said that those 12 episodes were not enough. He regretted quitting so soon, should have stayed a bit longer.

4. David Caruso – NYPD Blue
You may know this guy as the “Yeaaaaaaaaah!” dude from that meme, aka Horatio Caine from “CSI: Miami.” But before that he stared in a gritty police drama NYPD Blue. Even though Caruso won a Golden Globe for portraying detective John Kelly, he still decided to leave the show after the 1st season. Much like Chevy Chase, Caruso wanted to be a movie star but two of the movies he starred in bombed. That’s when he realized he goofed big time.

5. Jason Priestley – Beverly Hills, 90210
Right before going into the 10th season, Jason Priestley decided it was time to try something new. And so he did. Still, he feels bad about ditching the hand that fed him all those years, and especially he regrets not resolving his love arc with Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth).

6. McLean Stevenson – M*A*S*H
Long-long time ago, in the 70’s, there was an amazing show called M*A*S*H, starring McLean Stevenson as Colonel Henry Blake. After three years of doing the show, McLean decided to go seek out a bigger fish – cinema. And sure, back then he was a rising star, but that didn’t help the movies he starred in. “The McLean Stevenson Show”, “Hello, Larry”, “Condo” – all flopped hard. He would love to come back to playing Colonel Blake, but the screenwriters killed him off for good.

7. Wil Wheaton – Star Trek: The Next Generation
Even to this day Wil Wheaton is a living legend, best known (and usually hated) as Ensign Wesley Crusher on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” His (intentionally) unlikable character had tortured the viewers for 4 seasons, right until Wil turned 18. He thought he was doing the right thing by leaving the show, but by now you’ve probably gathered that he regrets his hasty decision. He was so ashamed of leaving the show that he couldn’t look his co-stars in the eye! Luckily, he eventually apologized and was forgiven.