6 Most Disappointing Movie Endings Ever


Movies are essentially a fancy way to tell different stories, so it’s only logical that these stories must have a satisfying conclusion in the end. But what happens when the director and the writers completely miss this point in their work, instead, trying to pull off some big twist nobody asked for? We, the viewers, shake our heads and sigh heavily. Nobody likes wasting their time on unfulfilling activities.

Watch out, for here are 6 most disappointing movie endings ever. Spoilers, duh!

Dark Phoenix (2019)

As a Marvel fan, it really pains me to mention this mess of a movie. The Dark Phoenix Saga is probably one of the best-known comic book arcs of all time, and look what the FOX execs did to its magnificent glory! Sansa Stark as Jean Grey was horrible from the very first minutes, but it’s the ending that sucks the most. It seemed as if the last 20 minutes, the movie just slugs through, trying to end itself as soon as possible. There’s no logic in the reconciliation between Xavier and Jean in the end. “It says so in the script” is not a proper answer, BTW. And what happens next? She uses her power to almost instantly wipe out the “evil aliens” and flies into space. Out of the freaking blue!

Dark Phoenix | 6 Most Disappointing Movie Endings Ever | Brain Berries

Hancock (2008)

A good plot twist at the end may make or break a movie. Throughout “Hancock” there was this thread of mystery: who was this superpowered man and where did he come from? Then he meets a woman who’s exactly like him, and she tells John he’s an “immortal” being. She’s also known about him for eons and could refresh his memory at any given time, and yet… we only found out their secret by the very end when nothing was at stake.

Hancock (2008)| 6 Most Disappointing Movie Endings Ever | Brain Berries

Glass (2018)

Probably the most infuriating and disappointing of all the movie endings was M. Night Shyamalan’s ending to “Glass”. Unbreakable – 10/10. Split – 10/10. Glass… Let’s just say it’s not good. Shyamalan kills off all three of his “super” characters in a span of about 5 minutes. Sure, Mr. Glass was fragile, one good hit was more than enough, Kevin’s demise was inevitable, even though it felt cheap too. But the way the movie disposed of David Dunn was the real turn-off. They drowned him… in a freaking puddle of water. That is the stupidest idea any writer has ever had.

Glass (2018) | 6 Most Disappointing Movie Endings Ever | Brain Berries

Sucker Punch (2011)

Visually it’s one of the most interesting movies of the 2000s era. So many cool ideas and concepts crossing over but the whole package was definitely lackluster. After diving in and out of these wild fantasy dreams for 2 hours, the viewers are expecting to see some sort of a logical conclusion. Well, too bad, because we’re not getting that! The “real” and fantasy worlds are so confusing to follow that you don’t even realize this whole movie is one person’s sick imagination. Or not! Who knows?

Sucker Punch (2011) | 6 Most Disappointing Movie Endings Ever | Brain Berries

Planet of the Apes (2001)

After all the misadventures the astronaut Leo Davidson lived through in that ape-filled hell hole that used to be called Earth, he somehow traveled back in time just to get to… an alternative reality? What? After Leo crashes his escape pod in the middle of Washington, he sees that Lincoln’s statue looks more like General Thade. How? Why? Who the heck knows! After that, he’s swarmed by police-apes and the credits roll.

Planet of the Apes (2001) | 6 Most Disappointing Movie Endings Ever | Brain Berries

The Happening (2008)

It’s not surprising that one of Shyamalan’s worst movies is at the top of this list. Allow me to paint you a picture. One sunny day people start killing themselves by the thousands. The government officials blame it on some kind of a terrorist attack, or a chemical weapon test gone wrong. And you know what it actually was? We never get to find out! Was it the trees? The bees? Maybe something alien? The wrath of Mother Nature? So the entire film the “happening” was killing people left and right, and in the very end, it just stopped. Dumbest ending ever!