20 Facts About Anna Kendrick That We Have No Choice But To Share With You


Folks, Anna Kendrick is talented. In fact, the popular actress even accomplished the rare feat of being nominated for a Tony (1998), Academy Award (2010), Golden Globe (2010) and Grammy (2016). Oh, and something called the Drama Desk Award if you’re willing to believe that. Anyway, we’ve decided the time has come to dish out some more facts about the lovely Miss Kendrick that you will undoubtedly pass along to your friends. Does 20 sound like a good number? Yes it does.



1. She Loves the Beastie Boys
Her favorite rap song ever is “Get It Together.”



2. She Hosted Saturday Night Live in 2014
Her most notable sketch was as Ariel from the Little Mermaid singing Britney Spears and Ke$ha songs.



3. Her Parents Would Regularly Drive Her From Portland to NYC For Auditions
Wow. Talk about dedication! The journey from Oregon takes around 42 hours one way, guys. Oh, she’s from the one in Maine. That’s still about 5 ½ hours one away, so it’s still kind of impressive.



4. She’s Reached #6 on the Billboard Charts
Her cover of the song “Cups” rose to that position in 2013. She had originally discovered the song through a viral Reddit post.

5. Her First Major Film Appearance was in 2008’s Twilight
She played Jessica Stanley, a high school friend of Bella’s. Now let’s never speak of this movie again.



6. She Found Out That She Had Been Nominated For an Oscar While Jogging
She was out getting her morning exercise at 5:00am when her roommate called to break the news.



7. She has maintained the same manager since the age of 10
We’re referring to Kim Matuka. That’s loyalty, isn’t it!

8. She has a hotdog named after her
The Chicago restaurant Hot Doug’s bestowed this honor upon her in 2013. What more proof do you need that she’s hit the big time?



9. She’s a Huge Fan of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
She’s such a nerd that her annual ritual is to watch a marathon consisting of the extended versions of all three movies. That’s around 12 hours of pure Hobbity goodness right there.



10. She’s Dating Cinematographer Ben Richardson
They’ve been an item since 2014.



11. She’s the Third Youngest Person To Ever Be Nominated For a Tony
She received that distinction in 1998 at the age of 12 when she was nominated for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role in the Broadway musical High Society.

12. Illness Almost Kept Her From Getting the Twilight Role
She was sick during her first audition, so the producers allowed her to come back when she got better. Oops, we mentioned this movie again.



13. She Appreciates a Good Beard
But don’t we all?



14. She Has Confessed That She Likes Taco Bell
Let’s be honest: whether you’re a high profile celebrity or just the neighborhood garbage collector, it takes a lot of courage to come out and tell the world that you like this fakey Mexican fast food chain.

15. She Won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance
This was for her role as Fritzi Wagner in her first feature movie Camp.



16. She Has an Older Brother Who Sort of Acts Too
You might know Michael Cooke Kendrick from his role as Jason the Bar Mitzvah Boy in the 2000 film Looking For an Echo. Oh, you don’t? Fair enough.



17. Her Oscar Nomination Was For the Movie Up In The Air
The movie’s writer Jason Reitman said Anna was the first actress he had in mind for the role of Natalie Keener.

18. She Loves Comedy Movies
Her favorites are Wet Hot American Summer and Hot Fuzz.



19. Her Dad is a History Teacher and Her Mom is an Accountant
Yeah, as you’ve probably noticed we ran out of useful facts about Anna Kendrick a long time ago.



20. She has been close friends with Adam Lambert since they were teens.
We’d love to hear their duo one day.