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15 Seasons of Supernatural from Worst to Best


Demons, angels, ghosts, werewolves, old gods, THE God – we’ve seen them all, and the Winchester brothers fought them to death. The vicious cycle of being possessed, cursed, killed, and resurrected has been going on for 15 years now. So let’s see which of those years are actually worth re-watching!

Here are 15 seasons of Supernatural ranked from worst to best.

1) Season 10
It’s the one with the Mark of Cain. And it was so dull at times I thought I was watching paint dry in real-time.

2) Season 6
The Winchesters keep dying and getting back up like it’s just another Monday. Season 6 was one of the bad ones because of that. Sam dies and gets resurrected, but uh-oh! What’s that? No soul? Well, we gotta fix that!

3) Season 7
Cas dies, then he’s alive, then he goes swimming in a lake or something and infects the water with Leviathan goop. And he’s gone for a good chunk of the season. The Leviathans could have been a fun seasonal villain, but they’re pretty dull. We did get an episode with Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, though, so that’s fun!

4) Season 12
Mommy Winchester is alive again! Lucifer’s a congressman and is about to have a baby? You know nothing good will grow out of that unholy union. And so we get Jack. Ugh.

5) Season 13
No show should last for more than ten seasons unless it doesn’t have continuity. Season 13 was really pushing it in terms of fun. There were some good episodes, like the Scooby-Doo one, but overall, the whole Jack plot is dumb and boring.

6) Season 11
The hot-looking Darkness is now free, and she wants that Dean action for some strange reason. Lucifer is wearing Cas as his meat suit. And I don’t remember the rest.

7) Season 9
Oh wow, Sam’s dying! Again! And Dean’s using the Angel Radio to summon nearby angels who are supposed to help Sam. Fish-out-of-water Cas is excellent, and Crowley is as sassy as ever, which is a big plus. Metatron, on the other hand, pretty meh villain.

8) Season 8
It’s Purgatory time! Dean and Sam are going on an adventure to find Castiel and bring him back. The Men of Letters finally get some exposition, and the super bros move into the Bunker. Fun times all around.

9) Season 14
Archangel Michael from a different world is now wearing Dean. Wait, now he’s back to normal? Uhh, okay, so that’s how this is going to be. Jack is still a thing, that’s not good. Lucifer lost his memory, just going around town, scaring everyone. And Dean is about to get dunked in the ocean to keep Michael from destroying the world. It’s a mess. But a fun mess!

10-11) Season 1 and 2
The journey begins. We get sucked in into this world of demons, ghosts, and witches right from the start. There’s some overarching plot here and there, but overall, the “monster of the week” concept works great here. At the end of season 2, Dean makes a deal with Azazel to save Sam and now has one year to live. Awesome cliffhanger, right?

12) Season 3
So with one year left, Sam starts looking for a way to cancel the deal without Dean knowing, which gives us a plethora of memorable moments, like that Christmas episode about a psycho family who turned out to be fudging old gods! Love me some of those.

13) Season 4
We get to meet Castiel for the first time! And let’s not forget about the rest of the angels and a whole hell’s worth of demons. The End Times are coming!

14) Season 5
The majority of fans think that season 5 is the best. This could have been a perfect bookend to the series, but the writers wanted to go on. Sam trapped Lucifer in hell with Michael. Cas flew back to his chicken-winged angel friends. Dean went to live with Lisa and Ben. It could have all just ended there and then…

15) Season 15
That’s it, they’re finally doing it, they’re going to kill God. As of the time of me writing this article, we still have a few episodes left, so things may turn in either direction. However, knowing that this is likely going to be the final season, I believe it’s going to be fantastic, which is why I’m placing it at the top of the list.