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15 More Unexpected Movie Mistakes


Back in the 80-90’s movie mistakes were incredibly common even in big budget blockbusters like Terminator, Titanic and even Pretty Woman, but even after all these years the editors and/or screenwriters just can’t get things right. A crew member in one shot, a boom mic in the other, these fails are almost in every single movie regardless of how hard they try.
This, however, doesn’t mean these movies are bad. On the contrary, some of them are pretty awesome, because they’re flawed, plus, it’s fun to play detective with all the bad green-screen edits and continuity errors. The following list shows that fans have a keen eye when it comes to details.
Oh and also – spoilers, duh!



Let’s start off with a classic – Home Alone and his impossible sleigh ride.

Remember that part of TMNT with April filming the baby turtles with her “old camera”? Well, according to the plot it was 1999, and the first Bluetooth camcorder wasn’t available until 2002. Oops!



Even Disney animated movies don’t always get it right. Like for example this glitch in Frozen.

Gravity was so close from being perfect, and yet…



I actually noticed this one myself, while watching Mad Mad: Fury Road, but thanks to for making my life just a little bit easier.

In the Amazing Spider-Man 2, when Gwen Stacy falls to her death, there are other pieces of the tower falling with her, but none of that stuff is there when Spider reaches the bottom.



And here you can see the majestic Mad Max: Fury Road crew overseeing their masterpiece.

Time sure does fly, when you’re in the Jurassic World.



Disappearing bullet holes – a classic mistake in Furious 7.

Changing shoes on the fly? Only in Spy.



Have you wondered how they did the Quicksilver scenes in AoU? They simply told everyone to walk really-really slowly and then sped up the footage. Hence the awkward jittering.

And then there’s this fake-ass doll in American Sniper



How did that happen? He clearly gave her a Mac.

Daytime! Nighttime! Daytime! Nighttime!



And finally there’s Ant-Man. It’s been established that his mass stays the same when he shrinks. So, how is Anthony not being squashed each time Scott rides him? It’s an MMM – a Marvel Movie Mystery.