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14 Easter Eggs In Disney Movies That Will Blow Your Mind


No matter how much of a badass you think you are, we’ve all watched a bunch of Disney movies at one time or another. Each and every one of them has something very magical that makes them entertaining enough to watch for all ages. And yes, that’s the only reason our parents put up with that shit. No one wants to watch the Little Mermaid 12 times in a row once they pass the age of four.
The people that make Disney movies probably have to be some of the most passionate people in the world. And if you’re going to be making Disney movies, spending sixteen years drawing all the animations for one two-minute song, you might as well put some hidden cameos in that movie. You earned that with your own blood, sweat, tears and nightmares.
Just in case you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re forced (or as kids call it, asked) to watch another Disney movie, let’s take a look at some fun Easter eggs and cameos that’ll make the entire ordeal slightly less annoying. You could also watch them without kids – either is fine. It’s your life.



Flynn and Rapunzel show up to Elsa’s coronation (Frozen)

Scar is the slain Nemean Lion (Hercules)

Mrs. Potts and Chip show up (Tarzan)



Bambi and his mother spotted (The Rescuers)

Genie’s lamp during the “Dig A Little Deeper” song (The Princess and the Frog)



Mulan poster hanging on Nani’s wall (Lilo & Stitch)



Dumbo showing up as a bubble toy (The Great Mouse Detective)

Pumbaa showing up as a gargoyle (Hunchback of Notre Dame)



Mickey Mouse in the crowd (A Goofy Movie)

Is that Rapunzel with Sleeping Beauty’s spinning wheel? (Tangled)



The King and Grand Duke from Cinderella come to visit (Little Mermaid)



Yup, that’s a Jungle Book sign in the background (Meet the Robinsons)

Who the hell is on that shelf? Stitch!? (Treasure Planet)



I found Nemo! (Monsters Inc)