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13 Times Pixar Movies Went Too Freaking Far


We all love Pixar, but the more we watch its movies, the more details freak us out. Sometimes a writer’s imagination can go too far and something that might have seemed an innocent idea in the beginning turn out to be a total disaster in the end. Our favorite childhood movies contain some incredibly hideous scenes that could easily ruin one’s child years. And for some of us – they did! Here are 13 times Pixar went too far and freaked us out.



When in Cars Mater lived in a junkyard, which is equivalent to a human living in a graveyard next to a pile of body parts. Eerie!



Toy Story has more than enough weird scenes through all its sequels. Remember Sid and how he tortured his toys? Well, they were all conscious and hurting while he did that. Too sociopathic for out taste!



When in Up everything was so sunny and cheerful, until Ellie suddenly had a miscarriage. We were all heartbroken!

When Sully was devastated after he thought that Boo was squeezed and trash-compacted into a lifeless cube. In Monsters, Inc. We were also scared to death!



When Wall-E was left all alone on Earth cleaning after humanity’s mess, but all he truly wanted was to have friends. It was never-ending horror!

When Remy and his dad were all alone at night in front of a store and then a strike of lightning revealed a bunch of dead rats hanging in the window. Ratatouille has creepy moments of its own!



When Buzz’s wings popped open after Jessie did some impressive stunts to open the door. This kind of signified he had a boner. Toy Story 2, what were you thinking?

When in Finding Nemo Marlin and Nemo were the sole survivors after the barracuda ate Coral and her 400 eggs. Just think about this monstrosity!



When Jessie’s whole life story was unravelling before our eyes along with the Sarah McLachlan’s “When She Loved Me” tune and we were all on the verge of tears while watching Toy Story 2. It all went a bit too far!

When Bing Bong gave up his life so Joy could get out and bring back all the happiness to Riley’s life in Inside Out. Does happiness always come with a price tag?



When in Monsters, Inc. Boo was all helpless and strapped to a machine that was sucking out screams out of her body. What a horrendous thing to do to a child!

When Auto revealed his secret directive that was to keep humans out in space even after the Earth became habitable again in Wall-E.



And finally, when in Toy Story 3 everyone was trapped in a giant furnace and there was no way out – they just gave up and held hands facing their end together. It’s even worse than Titanic and surely enough excitement for the biggest drama queen!