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12 Marvel Heroes Before They Turned Into Heroes


Do you ever wonder what our favorite Marvel superheroes looked like in their teens? What were they like before all the stardom and world-saving? We can’t know for sure, but what we do know is that each of them had a childhood and a period of awkward adolescence. The actors that played these characters certainly did as well! Here are 10 Marvel heroes before they became heroes.



Marie D’Ancanto
Also known as Rogue, Marie D’Ancanto discovered her powers at a young age when she accidentally killed her boyfriend. She looked sad back in the day and she didn’t become any more cheerful years later.



Steve Rogers
This young guy definitely doesn’t look like he’ll become a national hero that’ll be flying around and hitting bad guys with a huge shield. And make friends with equally cool superheroes. He looks more like Johnny Storm!

Ororo Munroe
Also known as Storm, Ororo Munroe is part of an ancient line of African priestesses who wield special powers. Her mother was a princess of a tribe in Africa that fell in love with an American journalist and moved to Manhattan with him. Ororo lost her family at quite an early age.



Raven Darkholme
There’s not much we know about Mystique’s past, apart from the fact that her powers manifested when she was 12 years old. She confessed that she had it rough during the teen years.

Clint Barton
Hawkeye was a cute kid with a rough background. He and his brother grew up with an abusive father who had a serious drinking problem. Clint lost both his parents in a car accident.



Bruce Banner
Hulk’s childhood is not the most fun part of his life. His father went all crazy and murdered his mother, while blaming his son for all the attention he received from his wife. Bruce grew up into a gifted young man who studied nuclear physics in New Mexico and even spent some time in Harvard.

Philip “Hank” McCoy
Beast was born a mutant due to his father’s genes. He got control over his powers at a young age and was a star football player in high school. He had a brilliant mind that he used to gain as much knowledge as possible.



Tony Stark
It seems that Anthony has been looking smug since the day he was born, but the truth is he had a rough past that stayed hidden from him for most of his life. Born by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, he was left for adoption by Fury and later got into a family of Starks. He turned to electronics in an early age to escape his father’s bad moods. He grew up to be a thrill-seeker and womanizer.

James “Rhodey” Rhodes
Born in Philadelphia, ‘War Machine’ joined the United States Marines and became an overseas pilot. He became the wingman of Tony Stark after they found and destroyed a hidden rocket base together.



Wade Wilson
Little is known about Deadpool’s early years. He himself has confusing memories about his childhood and adolescence. It seems that his father abandoned the family when Wade was just a boy and his mother turned to alcohol and black humor to cope with the situation. Wade ran from home when he was a teen.

Nick Fury
Nicholas Joseph Fury spent his childhood in New York during the Depression era. His mother died when he was little and his father, an American pilot, soon remarried for them to have a family. Nick followed in his father’s footsteps and became a soldier himself.



Natalia “Natasha” Romanova
After Natalia’s mother died in a fire In Stalingrad back in 1928, she was raised by a Russian soldier who saved the girl. She was later abducted and presented to the Hand where she became a professional assassin.