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11 Book Facts the Game of Thrones Show Got Totally Wrong


perfect it is in our eyes, there are some inconsistencies when it comes to the original books written by George R. R. Martin. Many details were left out of the show for various reasons (brutality not being one of them, obviously), and some of them were crucial to the understanding of the plot. At least this is what thousands of readers believe to be true. Here are 11 book facts that we think should have been on the Game of Thrones TV show.



The House of the Undying
We love Dany, we really do. That’s why it hurts us to see a major part of her endeavors hidden from the viewers. The House of the Undying could have become a really cool chapter with all the mysterious prophesies and the equally mysterious undying themselves. The show should have paid more attention to the ‘Prince that was Promised’ and the Azor Ahai reincarnation.



Jaime getting angry with Cersei
Things haven’t been going smoothly between Jaime and Cersei in the book. Jaime has really transformed after losing his arm and it changed his character. He got really angry with what Cersei has turned herself into and there was not much love left between the two.

Daario’s colored beard
Yes, you heard that right – Daario Nahaaris, as well as his fellow Tyroshis, all had multicolored beards shaped like tridents! Now that would look super cool in ‘real life’.



Arya’s meeting with Sam
Which, by the way, was kind of epic if you come to think of it. Arya, playing the role of Cat of the Canals, met Sam Tarly in Braavos and recognized his Night’s Watch uniform. Not only did she save him from Braavosi thugs, but she also gave him some clams when he had nothing to eat. That led to her killing Sam’s traveling partner who was supposed to get them food by singing in local pubs, but instead deserted Night’s Watch and married a prostitute. Well, that was nice of her. Kind of.

Mance Rayder stays alive
The whole ‘save Mance Rayder’ operation was truly awesome. Not only did Mance escape his execution, the Lord of Bones was spelled by Melisandre to look exactly like him! The poor guy was burnt instead of Mance, but the man stayed alive.



Varys reveals himself
That moment at the end of book five, when Varys takes a crossbow, shoots Kevan Lannister, and reveals that he has been rooting for Targaryens this whole time. Brilliant!

Ser Barristan Selmy also stays alive
It’s hard to believe that the show managed to come up with even more deaths than the original book, but it did! Barristan the Bold doesn’t get killed in the book and plays a pretty important role in the unfolding of events. It was such a disappointment to see him killed on the show!



The complicated relationships of the Lannister brothers
The show didn’t do justice to the drama between the two brothers. Their relationships were basically torn apart after Tyrion killed their father and the two brothers had a venomous argument with Jaime spilling the truth about Tysha and Tyrion falsely admitting that he actually killed Joffrey. In the show the two parted on relatively good terms, but in the reality of the book it was basically the end of their relationship. Which is especially heartbreaking because they really loved each other (and when it comes to Tyrion, Jaime was probably the only person in Westeros that truly loved him). All we have is a mention of their ‘quarrel’ in the beginning of Season 5, when after some lighthearted moment Jaime tells Bronn that Tyrion is the killer of his father and the next time he sees the man, he will split him in half.

Arianne Martell
We all understand that the show is diverging from its source material, but extracting a whole character? Arianne Martell would have been a great addition to the story (as she initially was). This Dornish princess is the firstborn of Doran and an heir to the throne. In Dorne, women have as many rights as men do, including everything concerning the inheritance. We just wish they didn’t erase this wonderful character and her role in the Game of Thrones.



Tyrion’s part in the Battle of Blackwater
In the book, Tyrion was truly spectacular during the Battle of Blackwater. He was the genius that came up with the whole wild fire thing that helped win in the Battle of Blackwater Bay. He also fought alongside his own soldiers, while Joffrey the King was scared to death and didn’t know what to do. His role was pretty heroic, but in the show we get only a small glimpse of what it was actually like. What a pity!

Dany and Drogo’s wedding night
On the original wedding night of Daenerys and Khal Drogo, the soon-to-be-husband actually asked her for consent and Dany has fond memories about the whole deal. We saw something totally different on the show!