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10 Of The Worst Main Characters From TV Shows


How do you determine whether a character is good or bad? In today’s TV shows the line is often blurred, leaving each viewer to subjectively decide who he think is the bad guy and who’s the good one. It often turns out that people fall for the ‘evil’ characters that are full of sass and poisonous remarks, and grow to hate the so-called good characters that everyone is supposed to love. It’s even more difficult with main characters from famous TV shows – they are often so diverse and complex that it’s impossible to tell for sure whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Here’s the list of 10 worst main characters from TV shows we all love so much. Do you hate them, too?



Piper Chapman (Orange Is the New Black)
Piper Chapman may start out as a kind of victim, but as the plot thickens we realize she’s not as innocent as one might think. She used people around her and even started a white power group. She also messed with Alex and then Larry. She deserved everything that happened to her!



Rachel Berry (Glee)
Many people find Rachel Berry, one of the main leads from Glee, beyond annoying. She whines each time she doesn’t get to sing solo and thinks that everyone should do what she says. She’s selfish and puts her needs above everything else. With a few seasons revolving almost entirely around her, hundreds of viewers suffered incredibly!

Rachel Green (Friends)
How can you hate someone from Friends, you might ask? Easy-peasy! Some viewers find Rachel Green infuriating. She’s manipulative, mean, and each time Ross has some kind of relationships with other women, she starts messing with his head. Although she’s always the first one to end things between them! She also has close to no character development at all.



Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)
Emma Swan might be the ultimate protagonist of Once Upon a Time, but many people are actually irritated by her I’m-the-saviour-of-the-day attitude. She ignores the feelings of other people around her and acts according to what she thinks is right. She also never notices when someone’s trying to help her! This gets really boring after a while.

Andrea (The Walking Dead)
If you’ve read the comics, you’d hate her too! Originally she’s an independent, strong, and loyal character. On the show she’s nothing close to a badass and doesn’t use her head as much, thinking with other body parts most of the time. She would rather get in bed with the villains than help protect her own people!



Nancy Botwin (Weeds)
She’s just an awful person. She was in a tough spot and got involved with selling weed. That’s kind of understandable, although not the smartest move in the world. Yet, she continues making bad choices, putting her and her kids in danger. She’s lazy, self-centered, and could have gone straight more than a few times, but never did.

Oliver Queen (Arrow)
Oliver Queen is such a douche! He treats his enemies better than the women he’s supposed to be in love with. He never suffers any consequences for his bad choices and even worse behaviour, and the viewers always forgive him because of his good looks (and abs, probably).

Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
No wonder Rory turned out so messed up with a mother like that. Lorelai Gilmore is a drama queen who avoids problems and doesn’t like people pointing them out to her. She also constantly fights with her boyfriends and parents for no apparent reason.



Ross Geller (Friends)
There are two kinds of people in this world – those who adore Ross Geller, and those who abhor him. He is manipulative, possessive, jealous, and even abusive at times. We all loved him while we were growing up, but as you watch him now – the character is so messed up!

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)
It’s hard to like Carrie Bradshaw as she’s the worst friend ever. When someone starts a conversation with her, she listens for a few seconds and then interrupts to complain about her own problems. She’s spoiled, selfish, needy, and she cheated on Aiden. She’s the worst protagonist ever!