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10 Male Actors From the 90s Who’ve Only Gotten Better With Age


A lot of great, weird and even crazy things came out of the 90s. Most of them, like the funny phrases that never made much sense, are long gone now. Along with all the cool gadgets and nerdy toys. Do you remember beepers and the cool-looking boomboxes? And what about Treasure Trolls and Tamagotchi? While all these things are now part of the past, our teen heartthrobs are still rocking the screens and stages. Well, at least some of them. Here’s a list of 10 hotties from the 90s who have still got the looks.



Leonardo Di Caprio
This amazing actor has stolen the hearts of thousands back in the day when Titanic hit the big screen, and he never ever stopped since then! Leo ditched his teenage charm and grew up into a truly handsome man who is landing incredible roles. He has finally won an Oscar as the Best Actor for the leading role in The Revenant, yet his other movies (Aviator, Inception, Shutter Island, Django Unchained) have brought him recognition long before that.



Will Smith
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air made millions of girls fall in love with the goofy and incredibly funny Will Smith, but then directors were struck by his dramatic performance in Six Degrees of Separation, which got him a role in Independence Day, a witty blockbuster centered around an alien attack. Since then he has appeared in a bunch of truly amazing movies, such as Hitch, I Am Legend, The Pursuit of Happiness, I Am Robot, Ali and many more. He’s even starred in a heartbreaking drama Seven Pounds. Recently Will Smith has appeared as a semi-villain in the new blockbuster Suicide Squad.
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Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson doesn’t seem to have changed at all! And he still has all his natural charm that became even stronger with age. Most of us remember Joshua from the famous Dawson’s Creek TV series. It was just impossible not to fall in love with Pacey Witter. Now Joshua has become even more adorable and is starring in an action-packed sci-fi series The Fringe.
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Jared Leto
Jared Leto managed to lead a life as musician and as an actor as well. He was equally good at being both! Up until the 2000s, Jared was focusing on becoming an actor and appeared in the series My So-Called Life. He later played supporting roles in famous movies like American Psycho and Fight Club, and got a lot of praise for his role in Requiem for a Dream. Yet afterwards it was all about making music and touring with 30 Seconds to Mars. He hasn’t ditched his acting passion, though, and even got an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.
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Justin Timberlake
A lot of time has passed since billions of girls went crazy over Justin Timberlake and his blonde ramen-like hair. Back then everyone thought he just wouldn’t get hotter than that. But then ‘N Sync disappeared and something magical happened. Justin just kept getting better and better with age! He still likes to goof around and show off his humorous side, but he’s looking good while he does it!
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Mario Lopez
It seems that time has stopped for this guy! He looks just as great as he did two decades ago, even better. Mario Lopez started off as an actor and became somewhat of a star after the TV series Saved by the Bell, Nip/Tuck and The Bold and the Beautiful. Nevertheless, he later decided to focus on becoming a TV host – and that he did! Now he is working with X Factor and Extra and has a wife and a bunch of kids.
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Ryan Gosling
“Young Hercules” seems to be doing quite fine these days. Ryan Gosling hasn’t quite ditched his heartthrob status, au contraire, he’s living it to the fullest! After the Young Hercules he went on starring in movies like Lars and the Real Girl, but he truly entered the big league after Drive and Gangster Squad. He’s still doing tear-jerkers like The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love that drive women crazy.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
That foxy smile of his hasn’t changed at all! Joseph started his acting career back in the 90s with Family Ties and Roseanne, but got truly popular after his role on 3rd Rock from the Sun. Lately he’s been busy as a bee, landing roles in the most spectacular movies of the decade. He has starred in Lincoln, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and the critically acclaimed Loop with Bruce Willis. His swoon-worthy role in (500) Days of Summer proved that he’s still a heartthrob for millions of women.
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Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher started off with That 70s Show where he played a not very smart boy who went by the name of Kelso. Since then he’s starred in a lot of movies and even produced some of his own. Thanks to Ashton Kutcher we have Punk’d and the incredibly witty Two and a Half Men. He used to be married to Demi Moore, but now he’s gotten together with Mila Kunis, his former That 70s Show co-star.
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Ryan Reynolds
You might remember Ryan Gosling when he starred alongside Melissa Joan Hart in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Ryan later worked in different genres trying to make a name for himself. He starred in Blade: Trinity, Van Wilder, Just Friends and even portrayed a superhero in Green Lantern. He’s also known for his portrayal of Deadpool in Wolverine, although he is hard to recognize due to the heavy movie makeup.
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