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9 Craziest Things that Happened on Live TV


Sometimes, while watching TV, you’ll see something weird, that will burrow deep into your brain. Be it an unexpected kiss of two celebrities, a wardrobe malfunction that will spawn millions of internet memes, or something really terrifying, that will still cause major controversy, many years later. Live television is for the most part uncensored, so all sorts of situations can and do happen, so here are 9 insane things that people actually saw live.



We will never forget that one time when Britney Spears kissed Madonna at the 2003 VMA’s. And it’s a great thing to remember.



It is the year 1986, people all over the world hold their breaths as the space shuttle Challenger explodes. It was supposed to be the great beginning of space explorations, but ended up one of the most horrible live spectacles of that time.

“Little” wardrobe malfunctions are getting to be a habit for Nicki Minaj. So, one day she had one of the more memorable wardrobe maccidents on live television. Some say it was a pre-planned PR move.

You know people hate you, if they’re live streaming your statue being pulled down. That’s exactly what happened after the United States got rid of Saddam Hussein. It was a joyous moment for all the people affected by his evil acts.



Long after WWII, in 1989, the world watched on live TV, as NBC’s Tom Brokaw described what was happening, as the Berlin Wall was coming down.

Fairly recently, in 2011, CNN was broadcasting live, talking about the powerful earthquake that had struck Japan, when all of a sudden a giant tsunami wave hit the coast , leaving the broadcasters in shock at what they’d just witnessed on live television.

Over two decades ago, in 1995, the world was following what may be the most famous court case in history – The People vs. O.J. Simpson. Everyone and their dogs were expecting the verdict to be “guilty”, so you can imagine how the world reacted, when the verdict of “not guilty” was announced. O.J. had lawyered up with Johnnie Cochrin, F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian, Shawn Holley, Carl Douglas and Gerald Uelmen. I’d want to hire this “dream team” of attorneys too, but it might tend to drain my cash in like a nanosecond! They’ll get you off every time! Anyway that sly guilty bastard O.J. walked.



One of, if not the biggest tragedies the United States has even endured – the 9/11 terror attacks on the twin towers in NYC. We all watched with tears in our eyes, as the second plane hit the second World Trade Center building on live television.

And lastly, something that inspired millions of people, literally, 600 million people watched live on July 20, 1969, as one small man did a giant leap for mankind – Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon. So when you hear today that some live shows get a million viewers, compared to the first moon landing it’s basically a drop in a bucket.