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World’s Fittest Grandma Body Builder Just Celebrated Her 80th Birthday


Ever felt completely unmotivated when you know you need to workout more? Pics with fit girls and muscular guys don’t always work and it is better to stay on the couch enjoying the great day and juicy pizza and realizing nothing can help.



So here’s a new motivation that will shock you at first. This 80 -year-old female bodybuilder proves you’re never too old for something! Even for starting to workout and getting healthier, fitter and more muscular.



Ernestine Shepherd is the world’s oldest female bodybuilder, born on June 16th, 1936, started her exercising only at the age of 56! She didn’t actually live an active lifestyle before, as Ernestine Shepherd says herself (which gives us hope by the way, because now she looks amazing).



In retrospect this 80-year-old woman didn’t regret becoming active This iron-pumping grandma won 2 bodybuilding titles and the Guinness Book of World Records declared her the oldest competitive body builder in the world in 2010-2011!

But let’s be honest: great results don’t come easy and, as Ernestine says, it took A LOT of discipline on her part, determination and hard work of course! There’s another thing that helps the woman to reach the desired results: she never gives up! Yes, you can’t just say this to yourself and reach the goals soon. Taking things on the chin is also a hard psychological challenge we should accept.



You will be shocked by her timetable: Ernestine wakes up at 3 o’clock (man, some of us barely go to sleep at 3), runs about 130 km each week. Her diet is very strict and consists of boiled egg whites, vegetables and chicken, drinks a lot of water and controls calories.



Leave all the excuses behind, because, if Ernestine did it, you can too! Well, it doesn’t mean you should become a total bodybuilder, this woman may become a great inspiration (or fitspiration) for those of us who wants to lose weight, tighten muscles, be more active, end up with procrastinating and stop eating various junk for good.



So, happy 80th birthday to Ernestine, keep us motivated and inspired to achieve the impossible!