Transforming Tattoos That Are Straight Out of This World!


Have you ever thought of getting a weird tattoo done? I’m not talking some elvish gibberish from Lord of the Rings, or an unseen Lovecraftian terror from the deep, no. I’m talking about a transforming tattoo! Sort of like having a GIF tattooed on your bendy body parts. Cue in the French tattoo master – Veks Van Hillik. How often do you see a tattoo that’s actually two tattoos, if you look closer? Veks figured out an ingenious way to turn this concept into reality. Let’s check out some of his best masterpieces, shall we?



1. This is how you turn a cute octopus into… a Cthulhu?



2. There are a lot of bugs among his works, I wonder why.

3. Seaweed covering the eye is symbolic, just so you know.



4. I call this one “enter my humble abode, weary traveler”. Or just “The Moon’s creepy backdoor”.

5. This has to be one of my favorites. At least the folded version.



6. Every time this dude straightens out his arm people will ask “WTH is wrong with that fish”?

7. I say it’s a nebula… ever expanding, and ever shrinking. Or it could be a weird snail.

8. Giving the fish a second eye was a marvelous idea!



9. It’s a unicorn rabbit! You know… from the world where everyone is part unicorn?

10. I cannot recall the name of this fish, but it too has a backdoor, just like that creepy Moon. Or are they siblings? Hey, maybe this is the other side of the passage? So many theories…