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Top 9 Most Traded Commodities in 2018


Trading goods is probably the most important activity we as a humanity have developed. Without it we’d have all died out thousands of years ago, probably. What’s even more curious, is that some of the traded commodities have stayed in the top-something list for centuries, maybe millennia! Stuff like silver, steel, and gold have always been required for the further development of cities and entire countries.


Today the wares include stuff like chocolate and coffee, although these were pushed off the top in 2018. Since the prices may vary wildly, the list is all random. So what are the 9 most traded commodities of last year? Let’s find out!



1. Soyabeans
Soybeans, huh? I guess the vegetarians have contributed to the popularity of this protein-rich and easy to produce bean, but even without the global anti-meat agenda, soy is still being used in animal food, tofu, and even to produce biodiesel.



2. Steel
What do you get from mixing iron, carbon, and some other elements? You get the good old steel! It’s strong, cheap, and has thousands of uses from construction to agriculture.

3. Iron ore
Ever since the first humans used iron for gathering and/or hunting, we realized it’s going to change the rules of the game. And so it did. Since it’s relatively easy to mine, handle, and transport, it can be sent to pretty much anywhere rather cheap, making it one of the most important ores in our history.

4. Crude Oil
Of course crude oil is on the list! Ever since we figured out oil can be used to create diesel fuel, lubricants, and all sorts of chemicals, the prices have sky-rocketed!



5. Corn
Straight from the US, Brazil, Argentina, and China, corn has conquered the world in just a few centuries. It’s used to produce ethanol, corn syrup, animal feed, and of course, starch, among other things.

6. Copper
Having amazing conductivity properties copper became one of the most desirable metals on the planet. Not to mention it’s almost completely weatherproof.

7. Silver
Finally a precious metal! As you may know, silver has been a highly sought after commodity for thousands of years. Today, instead of throwing all of it into a smelting pot and making a cute necklace, ~50% of it is used for things like solar panels, electrical contacts, and other industrial items.



8. Gold
Speaking of precious metals – here is the gold. Ever since our ancestors saw that glitter, they almost exclusively used gold for decorations and in religious purposes. Not much has changed since then.

9. Aluminium
And finally, we got another base metal – aluminium. It’s light, malleable, and corrosion resistant. Easily, one of the best industrial metals on the planet. And that’s without mentioning all of its incredibly useful alloys.