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Top 9 Advantages of Using Social Media


When it comes to online distractions, social media websites are all the way at the top of the list, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful. Sure, you can use them to procrastinate all day every day, but no other media can compare with them in speed or interactivity. There are many reasons why you should keep using social media and here are just some of the most outstanding advantages.



Build Your Business
Every business nowadays must have a page or four on the social media, just to cater to all sorts of clients. This does help, but can also ruin your reputation if you’re doing some shady stuff and people catch you.



Find Where You Belong
We’re all different people with different interests, hobbies, political view, religion, and all that kind of stuff, and we do like to belong. Let me tell you this, there’s no better place to find a community where you’ll be seen as equal, than on the social media. It just feels right!

Stay Connected
This is social media 101 – having connections with people from all around the world at your fingertips is truly underrated.

Following (and actually reading what they’re posting) a scientist or a teacher would not only make you smarter, but also more proficient at what you do. Tips and tricks, tutorials, lectures – all that and more is out there, you just have to find it.



Promoting and Advertising
The entire world is your oyster when it comes to product/service promotion on the internet, and social media make this process even easier. For example you can just straight out pay Facebook to promote your page, knowing that they’ll drive you the correct, engaged audience.

Discover New Stuff
The more you know about the new features and discoveries, the sooner you’ll realize how important these innovation are (or aren’t).

Crime Fighting
Yup, you can be a Facebook vigilante! All those “if you know this man, contact something-PD” are not a joke and sharing such posts among your friends actually helps.



Staying Up-to-Date
Each day something good or bad is going on somewhere in the world. Us humans have no chill when it comes to politics, wars, and conflicts, but we like to stay tuned. This is where the social media comes in, but remember to cross-check your sources to see if they’re trusted or not.

Helping People and Yourself
Social media gives you a rare opportunity to help members of your community be it via money donations, voicing your opinion or giving advice (whether they like it or not). Same goes for you, as the recipient of the said opinions and pieces of advice.