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Top 10 Best Countries In The World


Pretty much everyone thinks their country sucks. And the sad thing is, it probably does. Some countries suck less than others though! But how can we know which countries are slightly less awful than all the rest? Well, we look at the obvious things that people need to be happy.


Some people on the Internet with way too much time on their hands made a list ranking countries on way too much factors like education, environment, wellbeing, income equality, population, military spending, … You name it. And based on those rankings, they gave each country a number of points so you can easily identify which country has the best score.


All factors have some individual merit since they’re based on scientific methods, but I’d take the global results with a grain of salt. Tests aren’t usually meant to be put together like this. We’ve spent so much time wondering if we could, that we never stopped to ask ourselves if we should.


Anyway, allow me to show you which countries you need to move to.



10. Germany
The biggest plus for Germany is that they score a 6th place when it comes to wellbeing and environment. Apart from that, no real highs or lows.



9. Australia
This country scores a whopping second place on the wellbeing factor and a third place on environment. This already makes it a lot better than Germany is.

8. USA
I’ll let you laugh at this one first. You done? No? Alright, just another minute. Yes, Trumpistan is actually the eighth best place in the world to live in. If that doesn’t convince you this method isn’t exactly scientific, I don’t know what will. USA scores amazing on research & development however, with a second place worldwide. Wellbeing and innovation also get a fifth place. They’re world leaders in military spending. Yay!



7. Canada
Hereby confirming what everyone already knew: Canada is better than the USA. While these don’t have a particularly high score on most positive factors, they have a 50th place when it comes to their active military force. That essentially means that there’s 49 countries out there that could bomb Canada back to the Stone Age right now. And that’s why Canada is cool.

6. Japan
The main selling point for Japan is it’s research and development, where it’s nearly behind the USA in the third spot. They’re only sixth when it comes to military spending, so I guess that’s why they’re better. Win some, lose some.



5. South Korea
Also known as “Not Kim Jong-Un-Korea”. This is actually the world leader when it comes to research and development. And despite being below North Korea, they’ve got less military spending than Japan does.

4. United Kingdom
This country is the third best spot in the world if you’re into innovation. They’ve recently innovated by leaving the EU, for example.

3. Sweden
A world leader in income equality, Sweden is the place to be. They also score a second place on innovation. They’re also the fourth least corrupt country in the world, which is very cool of them.



2. Norway
Oh Scandinavia, never change! Norway is the world leader when it comes to wellbeing for their citizens and it has the second highest GDP per capita. They’re slightly more corrupt than Sweden, though.

1. Netherlands
Remember how Canada was 50th when it came to military force and 49 countries were able to blow it right out of the sky? The Netherlands isn’t one of those countries. It’s 73rd when it comes to their active military force, but they do have a fourth place in innovation and wellbeing. And that’s why The Netherlands are the best. I’m pretty sure it has almost nothing to do with the legal weed over there.