Things That Catch Men’s Attention Towards Women


As long as the world has known love and lust, we’ve wondered how people become attracted to one another. It’s never really easy to know what to do or how to behave to impress the other sex and make yourself look interesting. Let’s face it, you’re above average at best and you consistently go for people way out of your league. You need some help.


Since ladies always come first, let’s start off with some things that men find attractive in women.



Easy enough. You smell good, we’ll enjoy talking to you. You smell bad, we’ll move on with our lives. We were doing fine without you anyway.



If it’s done right. We don’t want you to look like you’re a domestic violence victim. Easy on the eye shadow there, girl.

Nail Polish
Again, when it’s done properly. Natural nails are way better than “I like funky colors”-nails. It hurts our eyes.

Real Eyelashes
The fake ones look fake and we can tell. I know, you didn’t expect men to be this observant – but we are.



Don’t draw them. You’re a human being, not a sheet of paper. Natural eyebrows are always better than pencil-drawn eyebrows.

Good news, ladies: we don’t expect you to shave your legs all the time. As long as we aren’t stroking a hedgehog, it honestly doesn’t matter that your legs aren’t silky smooth either.

Men are simple creatures. Just make sure your clothes (this includes your shoes, ladies) don’t look like you stole them from a homeless person and it’ll be just fine.

Stretch Marks Or A Belly
This might be a shocker, but we don’t care about either. You can feel as insecure as you want about your stretch marks or your small belly, but we honestly don’t care. Spoiler alert: if you look perfect, we have to look perfect too. We just can’t be bothered to put in the effort. Your imperfections make both our lives easier.