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The Pentagon Releases Classified UFO Footage


We live in strange times to begin with but they’re getting stranger with each passing day. And you know stuff is getting uber weird when The US Department of Defense a.k.a. The Pentagon releases classified footage of unidentified flying objects filmed by navy fighter pilots and it’s not even the biggest news that day. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but it feels like most people reacted with “of course that happened”.

So what exactly happened? These videos have been leaked years ago and many people were speculating whether or not the footage is real or has it been edited and doctored. Alien enthusiasts were using them as arguments to prove the alien invasion of earth or at least an attempt by aliens to make contact with humans. While sceptics have been saying that the footage is fabricated and can’t possibly be real.

Well, the day has come, you would think that since the Pentagon released these videos they would also issue a statement that would clarify things. But you’d be wrong. All they’ve said is that they wanted to clear up the fact that these videos are real, and they deemed them safe enough to release to the public since they don’t contain any sensitive materials or government secrets. However, the objects seen on the video are still classified as “unidentified”.

What a move by the Pentagon. On one hand, they’re essentially saying “here, we don’t want to keep secrets from the public, we have these videos, they’re real and there are some UFOs on them that we can’t figure out”. On the other hand, they did specify that the reason they’ve chosen to release them and clear things up is because it doesn’t actually contain anything the government would want to keep secret.

Some might say that’s a shady move. There are definitely people who have interpreted this as the Pentagon confirming that those UFOs are essentially proof that aliens exist (they never actually said that). But most of us are just confused as to why they decided that the middle of the worldwide pandemic is a good time to even bring up something so vague and polarising at the same time.

It’s up to you to watch those videos and make conclusions. Do you think those are alien spaceships? Are those just some glitches in camera equipment? Perhaps there’s a scientific explanation for these things? Is that just a bug, or a bird or some sort of natural phenomenon? No official clarification has been made by the Pentagon, but feel free to keep asking. In the meantime, wash your hands, stay inside and be safe.