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The Most Expensive Pieces of Meat In The World


As much as we all want to become better people and we realize that a more vegetarian lifestyle is probably better for our bodies and our environment, we love a good piece of meat every now and then. Since it’s something everyone does, it was only a matter of time before people decided to turn something as simple as sustenance into a decadent spectacle of wealth. How else are they supposed to separate themselves from the regular people?
Let’s take a look at some expensive ways to eat your meat.



Foie Gras
Made off the liver of overfed and – frankly – sick ducks, this will cost you $65 per pound. Tastes good with something sweet on top of it.


Bird’s Nest
This $3000 per pound soup has some controversy surrounding it. While it doesn’t have actual meat in it, it’s made from the actual nest of the swiftlet bird. They’re an endangered species, so eating their nests and putting them in soup probably isn’t the best idea.



Kobe Beef
The Kobe beef’s $300 per pound price tag can be explained by the fact that the production of the meat and raising of the cattle is strictly regulated in Japan. It’s an exclusive delicacy, known for its extremely tender meat.


Almas Caviar
Caviar already is expensive, but take an exclusive caviar and put it in a golden box and you can charge $25,900 per box.


Bluefin Otoro Sashimi
The most expensive of all the sushi meat, bluefin tuna will cost you 24$ per plate. You probably can’t get this anywhere out of Japan because bluefin fishing is pretty much considered to be bad for the environment.


Jamon Iberico
This wonderful Spanish ham will cost you $140 per pound, but you’ll never regret it. It’s world famous, and the taste compares to nothing else on the market.



Ayam Cemani
These black chickens will set you back $2500 per animal. It’s black to the bone (literally) and it’s considered to have magical properties, especially in Asian countries. That explains the price tag for you.


The more commonly known blowfish will cost you $135 per pound and might actually kill you if you eat it because it’s highly poisonous, and only super professional chefs know how to cook it right. Bon appetit!


Brown-Lipped Abalone
These are ridiculously expensive, costing you about $173,600 per plate. This oyster-like creature can only be caught in very specific circumstances, and fishing for them is heavily regulated to ensure the species’ survival.



Coffin Bay King Oysters
These huge oysters cost $100 per piece. Considering how easy it is to eat loads of oysters, this would easily end up being a very expensive endeavor.