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The Charity Work That Rihanna Does To Make The World A Better Place


When you say the name “Rihanna”, people usually remember her music and sense of style. I can’t say it’s not warranted, but the third item on that list should really be her charity work. It’s something that doesn’t get as much time in the spotlight as it should, but it’s a huge thing for Rihanna and she’s probably received more awards for her charity work than for her work as an artist.

Let’s take a look at some of RiRi’s biggest charity projects. Who knows, you might be inspired to do your part and make the world a better place too.

Her Foundation

Rihanna has a foundation called “Believe”, which she created back when she was only 18. It has a pretty singular goal, which is helping children that suffer from or at risk of terminal illness. Think cancer, AIDS, …

The foundation provides resources, clothing, supplies and basically anything else that might be needed to improve the lives of these children.

Her Diamond Ball

Each year, Rihanna throws a Diamond Ball which is one of the most exclusive and expensive ones to get into. The sole purpose is to raise money for Rihanna’s foundations. While a huge part of the money comes from the hefty entry fee, there’s also the live auction that takes place. It allows these wealthy people to spend even more money to help support the foundation.

Her Other Foundation

Yes, “Believe” wasn’t the only one. She also has a foundation called the Clara Lionel Foundation, which helped in no small part support the people of Barbados and the recovery efforts after hurricane Dorian. She also donated a bunch of expensive radiological equipment to a hospital in Barbados, which was then renamed in honor of Rihanna’s late grandmother. This is the foundation that takes the funds from the annual Diamond Ball, by the way.

Her Crowdfunding

While Rihanna spends a lot of her own wealth on charity, she’s also one of the celebrities that does the occasional fundraiser. Think the H&M fashion collection endorsement to battle AIDS, or the Stand Up To Cancer television special. The last one made a whopping 100 million dollars!

Her Fight For Education

As one of the biggest advocates for global education, Rihanna became an ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education, which is a part of the Global Citizen Project. While most charities regarding education take place on a local level, this project attempts to improve education and access to education on a global scale, with a much wider view.

Her Cosmetics

Sure, having a cosmetic brand doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with charity, but Rihanna’s is unique. It’s an inclusive brand, meaning it has cosmetics for all possible skin tones and colors. This sounds like such a simple thing to do, but apparently Rihanna had to be the first or at least one of the first to do it on a large scale. I mean, if that’s where we’re going to put the bar, it seems like it’s easy enough for all of us to lift, right? Let’s all try to be more like Rihanna in 2021!