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The Best Diego Maradona Moments


As if 2020 wasn’t horrible enough as it is with all the covid stuff, the world lost one of its biggest – if not the biggest – football icons recently. Diego Armando Maradona left the world at the young age of 60. Granted, given his lifestyle, that was probably above everyone’s expectations. The man’s life was basically money, drugs, booze, and women.

He was a footballer most known for his antics on and off the field, and for his amazing performances with Napoli and the Argentinian national team. To honor this man, let’s take a look at some of his most iconic moments.

The Hand of God

In a time where VAR wasn’t even a concept yet, Diego saw his chance and just punched a ball to score a goal. Back in those days, there was no foul if the referee didn’t see one. Enter the most iconic goal in modern football.

The Throne

Even in his most recent years, Maradona didn’t shy away from controversy. Like showing up to a football game and planting yourself in your coach box on a throne. I can’t remember for the life of me if they won the match, but I’m sure I’ll never forget Maradona just sitting there on that ridiculous throne.

Media Controversy

Pointing the camera at Diego Maradona was always going to lead to some outrageous situation. On his track record are incidents such as: violence, shooting at reporters, screaming expletives, multiple insults, showing them very specific fingers in a very specific manner, … Despite the man only being 1m65 tall, he really did not shy away from a fight.

The 1986 World Cup

There’s a reason why Maradona is still considered to be the best football player, maybe only after Pelé. In the 1986 World Cup, he pretty much single-handedly pulled his team to World Cup victory. He scored some of the most magnificent goals ever and truly cemented himself as the best of his time.

Live is Life Warm-Up

If anything, this warm-up shows how effortlessly Maradona could control a ball. It doesn’t say much for his dancing skills or sense of rhythm, but I guess that’s why he decided to become a football player.

Weird Coaching

While you might think the best football player of all time would also be a great coach, this didn’t apply to Maradona. His time training the Argentinian national team saw him use some unorthodox (to say the least) techniques to train his players. For example: he used team mates as target practice. Imagine taking a volley from Messi straight to the face.

The Alien Faceshield

Even in the most recent Covid crisis, Maradona did things his way. Where everyone else was wearing face masks or regular face shields, Maradona was spotted wearing a space helmet that was seemingly grabbed out of a James Cameron movie. Classic Diego.

The Most Beautiful Goal

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, pretty much everyone agrees that Maradona’s 1986 rush against England was one of the most beautiful goals ever to grace the sport of football. He did a couple of them that were almost as good in the exact same tournament, against the Belgians for example. Hando