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The 6 Craziest Climate Change (Conspiracy) Theories That Exist


Climate change is a thing and it’s happening – there’s no denying that. Yet there’s a bunch of crazy things people – usually opposers – will say about it in an attempt to discredit actual scientific research that shows that not only is it happening, but it’s happening at an accelerated rate and it’s been going on for quite a while now.


Let’s take a look at some crazy climate change conspiracy theories. Because maybe that will keep you warm in the colder winters.



“It’s Snowing, Not Warming”
Because before we called it “climate change”, we falsely called it “global warming”. The more extreme weather makes the winters colder, which was the main argument for a lot of opposers to claim that climate change is a hoax or fake news.

“It’s The UN Trying To Achieve World Domination”
Because it’s the UN’s dream to rise to global power by making us all scared of extreme weather so they can raise taxes and regulate everything globally while hiding behind the moral high ground of trying to save the planet. Well, according to the non-believers, that is.

“It’s Anti-Russian Propaganda”
The Russians believe that climate change was invented to convince Europeans to use less power – of which Russia exports about 30%. Europeans using less energy would mean a serious hit to Russia’s energy industry and economy.

“Electric Cars Pollute More”
The reasoning behind this would be that all that electricity is probably produced in a way that’s even more detrimental to the environment than regular gasoline. This is factually wrong, however, as electric cars only emit about a fraction of the carbon that gasoline cars do.

“It Was Invented By The Chinese”
Yes, a certain president claimed that the Chinese invented climate change to make the US non-competitive (since they produce a huge chunk of the carbon emissions worldwide). Sadly that president appears to be unaware that China isn’t exactly known for having original ideas – all they do is reverse engineer things other people invented and recreate them cheaper.

“It’s A Conspiracy Against The Poor”
Similar to what the UN is trying to do, some people claim that the US government is trying to guilt the poor into spending more money they don’t have to save a generation that doesn’t yet exist. It’s allegedly a tool used by the rich to keep the poor from crawling out of the economical pit they’re in.