Ten Signs a Girl is Checking You Out


Guys, don’t look now but that girl at the cafe or nightclub or houseparty or baseball game or your cousin’s Bar Mitzvah or at the park or the library is totally checking you out. Or is she? There’s really only one way to find out and that’s to read this article!



1. She Draws a Heart On Your Starbucks Cup
In this scenario she’s a barista, okay? Although it would be pretty funny (and maybe a bit psycho?) if a random girl just came up to you with a felt pen and did that. Hey, I smell a future Brainberries article! Anyway, think about this: an attractive barista spends her entire shift making coffee for guys who are constantly flirting with her, asking for her number, and in some cases probably acting like jackasses. So if SHE is the one flirting with YOU, that’s definitely a sign that she digs you.



2. She Wanders Near You While You’re Taking a Break Between Sets
So you’re off to the gym commencing Operation Swole. You’re going to wreck those pecs and demolish those delts. As you are resting between those 300lb bench presses, you notice she casually moseys on over to where you are even though it’s obvious free weights aren’t part of her workout plan. She probably doesn’t stick around very long lest she start looking like a weirdo, so catch her while you can.

3. She Leans in When Talking To You
This is a really good sign for two reasons. First, it means she feels comfortable enough with you to venture out of her personal bubble. Second, it’s clear she is interested in what you have to say and has a lot to share with you. This one should be obvious, but who knows. There are probably dopes out there who assume leaning closer means she has poor hearing.



4. She Gushes Over Your Dog
If a girl comes over to you and gets all lubby dubby about your little furball of a friend, there’s a very good chance that she’s equally lubby dubby about you. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. While the fact that you like dogs disarms her to the point where she’s comfortable with approaching a random stranger, it’s hard to imagine she would respond the same way if she didn’t see you as potential dating material.

5. She Pays You a Random Compliment
Only the boldest of ladies will ever come up to you and flat-out say, “You’re hot. Let’s meet up sometime.” But often they will try to develop some sort of rapport by saying something nice. So they will opt for, “I like your attached earlobes.” Hey, if she notices something that might not be immediately obvious, it means she has taken some time to study you.



6. She Mutters Something in Close Proximity To You
She’s standing near you saying things like, “I wonder if my latte is going to come” or “Maybe I should have worn a warmer jacket today.” Okay, so this might not always be a sign that she’s checking you out. She could very well be one of those people who just likes talking to themselves. And yet, there’s a chance that she is trying to initiate a conversation with you without just coming out and admitting it. This is where it is important to focus on her body language and tone. If you’re getting good vibes, respond!

7. Her Friends Are Taking Turns Looking At You
The situation is like this: you notice that a girl is noticing you. Then one by one (or sometimes in pairs) her friends engage in this well-choreographed exercise of scoping you out as well. It’s one of those “He’s good looking, what do you girls think, but don’t stare at him all at once because duh” sort of deals.

8. She Casually Follows You At a Party
To be clear, she would do this in a subtle way, not like “I’m a crazy stalker who stands a foot away from you all evening long.” If she’s feeling you, you will occasionally notice that when you’ve moved to the opposite side of a room or even another room altogether, she eventually pops up as well. It’s her way of showing interest without being that aforementioned creepypants.



9. Her Eyes Are Playing Games With You
You look at her. She looks back at you. She looks away. When a girl looks away, it could mean two things: she is totally NOT checking you out or she IS totally checking you out but is kind of shy about it. You’ll never know unless you look at her a second time. If she returns the favor, it’s definitely a positive sign that she likes you.

10. She Finds an Excuse To Make Physical Contact With You
This could be done in several ways. Perhaps she “accidentally” bumps into you at a party. Or maybe she brushes an eyelash from your cheek. Or punches you in the arm when you say something funny. But hopefully not in the face. That’s a bad sign. Anyway, whatever the case may be, if she is all into touching you, she’s definitely interested in you.