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Smell Like Outer Space With Eau De Space


There are so many perfume companies creating different perfumes in the world and so many smell combinations that you’d think it’s all been done before. But leave it to the people at NASA to create a new and intriguing perfume that’s so unique you’ll definitely want a bottle. What if we told you that you can get a perfume that recreated what space smells like? Did you even know that space has a distinct smell?

Steve Pearce is the person who managed to recreate the smell of space. He’s a chemist and the founder of Omega ingredients, a company that creates natural flavorings for the food and the food and drink industry. Apparently, he has been asked by NASA to recreate the smell of space so that they could use it to train new astronauts and get them acquainted and prepared for the journey. Who knew that in order to go to space you need to know what it smells like?

It took Pearce four years to finally succeed in recreating the smells of space. Did you even know space had a smell? Astronauts from NASA who’ve been to space have described it in various ways. Some say it smells a bit like bacon, others say it smells the same way a gun smells right after shooting. Some even went further and said that space smells like a combination of gunpowder, fried steak, raspberries and rum. In the end, it was the smell of ozone, hot metal and steak that became the base of the perfume. Narrowing that down was not an easy job and it took a few weeks to even get there, and obviously, it then took years to get the right proportions and lots of testing to actually make it smell like space. It sounds weird, but then again, so is wanting to smell space, isn’t it? It’s intriguing that we can do that now without actually leaving Earth.

NASA has had this smell available to them for training purposes since 2008, but now we might all be able to get a bottle of Eau De Space. There’s a Kickstarter campaign that’s being crowdfunded to make this perfume available for production. You can donate some money to it and who knows, maybe we’ll all smell like space soon. The company is also promising to recreate the smell of the Moon in the future, which sounds even more exciting.