Places To Visit Before You Get Married


If you’re looking for a vacation where you can party through the entire thing, it’s probably best to do it before you get married. Not that our wives or husbands can’t be fun to hang out with, it’s just a different vibe if you’re hitting the club with your best mates and drinking quite a few drinks too many.

Here’s the best places in the world where you can enjoy a vivid nightlife…

Buenos Aires, Argentina

There aren’t too many places in South America that are generally seen as party hotspots, but Buenos Aires is the one exception to this rule. This Argentinian city has the best nightlife on the continent, and it’s a gorgeous country too!

Miami, USA

If you like beach weather all the time, then partying in Miami should be right up your alley. It’s kind of exclusive and expensive, but it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona might not be doing too great at the moment, but at least they’re still one of the top locations when it comes to an active nightlife in mainland Europe.

Bangkok, Thailand

There’s a reason why they filmed The Hangover here. Bangkok has an insane nightlife that will be pretty hard to find anywhere else – and it’s also dirt cheap!

Seoul, South Korea

If you want to party in Asia but don’t really feel much for Thailand, you can always visit South Korea. Seoul has developed itself into a huge nightlife hub that has something for everyone, so be sure to visit it!

Berlin, Germany

You could even combine trips here and take in the rich culture and history of Berlin with your spouse during the day, while partying with your friends at night. Berlin has it all.

Melbourne, Australia

Of course we couldn’t leave Australia out of this list. If you’re pretty much perpetually stuck on an island with huge, deadly spiders, you’re going to need to party every once in a while. Melbourne is exactly the place to do that.