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People Who Took Amazing Secrets To The Grave


Humans have been keeping important secrets from another since we’ve been able to keep secrets. Even well-known people do it! What? You don’t believe me? Well, let me show you a few.



Johan Bessler
Despite being deemed impossible at the time, Johan created a self-spinning wheel able to lift weights back in 1712. It’s said his wheel spun for 54 days without an energy source. In his paranoia, he destroyed the machine without telling anyone how it was made.



Antonio Stradivari
If you know violins, you know Stradivari. His violins were so unique that we still haven’t been able to replicate them – despite our best efforts. He never shared his construction method with anyone, so we still have no clue why his violins simply sound so much better.

Pope John Paul II
Popes have the right to appoint cardinals “in pectore”, which is essentially in secret. While John Paul II appointed four of these during his lifetime, only three were made public. Which means there’s still a cardinal out there who technically isn’t a cardinal anymore because no one knows he’s a cardinal.

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was rumoured to have a son, William Franklin, that no one knew about.



Maurice Ward
Mixing all kinds of non-toxic heat-resistant plastics back in the 1980s, Maurice Ward discovered a material with amazing heat resistance. It was able to withstand blowtorches and was called “starlite”. Despite being asked numerous times, he never gave away his formula. He passed away in 2011, taking the secret with him.

Captain William Thompson
In 1820, Lima had to keep its treasure secure and decided to move it to Mexico. Captain Thompson was hired for this job, but – don’t act too surprised – went rogue and stole the treasure which was worth about 208 million dollars. The location of the treasure was never recovered.

Jerome of Sandy Cove
This man was found on a beach without the ability to speak. He had both legs amputated to the knee, but they were bandaged. He died in 1912 without ever telling his story to anyone. It’s suspected his legs were cut off because of a mutiny on his ship.



Ludwig Von Beethoven
After his death, a love letter was found for his beloved. While there’s been much (too much, really) speculation about who the letter was addressed to, only Beethoven will know.

Nikola Tesla
Tesla wanted to provide wireless energy to the entire planet. Because of the scepticism he faced, his entire project fell apart. When he died in 1943, his plans for wireless energy died with him. And that’s why in 2017 I still have to plug in my computer.