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Never EVER Surf During A Polar Vortex. Why?


If you’re getting chills down your spine and start shivering by just glancing at these photos, go grab yourself a hot cup of tea and let’s continue.


So, you saw two dudes with ice in their beards, swimming in -30 degree weather, and you automatically think they’re crazy, huh? Well, you and me both but, as it turns out, they’re not that bonkers after all!


One of them is Daniel Schetter , also known as “Surfer Dan”, the other dude is Allen Finau. As you can guess from Dan’s moniker, the dude loves surfing. Probably he has never missed a single wave in his life. That’s why he wasn’t going to tarnish that outstanding record just because some polar vortex came into town and froze everything to bits. Fortunately for us, a nature and wildlife photographer Devon Hains was there to capture this frosty madness on lake Mitchigan.



1. That’s him! That’s Surfer Dan! … or one of the White Walkers.



2. The three Ice-keteers. Even with that face mask you can tell that the photographer wasn’t feeling well.



3. Just imagine how cold it is. It makes me feel bad.

4. Marvelous facial icicles, my dude! Wonder how long it took him to thaw it off.



5. Do you see a man here or a human icicle? Holy crap, it’s Steve Rogers!

6. When Poseidon wants to up his Tinder game.



7. …and turn that already upped game upside-down! Nothing can stop him now.



8. Not quite Aphrodite, but it’ll do.

9. One of the best shots anyone has ever taken.



10. That moment when you forgot to grab the booze from the bottom of the ocean for your homies on the shore.

11. I get chills just looking at him!



12. Wow!



13. It’s the mythical Frosty Poseidon in his full glory and badass ice armor.

14. It looks amazing, but I would never surf when it’s freezing outside.



15. These guys are the best!



I gotta admit, these three amigos made me put on a thick sweater and cuddle up with a kitty. What was your reaction to seeing these pics?