Manly Foods You Need To Eat And Avoid To Lose Weight


Hitting the gym might look more impressive than just watching what you eat and being a lazy slob, but we both know which scenario most men prefer. It’s about time we stop trying to look more athletic than we really are (or need to be) and just take a few easy notes on losing weight the normal way: not eating like a pig.


Here’s a quick reminder for your next shopping list.



Junk Food: Eat Less
We’ll start with the obvious one, just to get it over with.



Berries: Eat More
These are filled with antioxidants which can do all kinds of good things to your body. And they’re perfectly candy-sized too!

Fat Fish: Eat More
Fat fish has loads of good omega-3 acids. You should eat fat fish at least twice a week. If you can afford it, that is, because fish is wickedly expensive.

Beer: Drink Less
Sad but true, this one. Beer isn’t good for you if you’re trying to lose weight. It has loads of calories in it.



Whole Grains: Eat More
Whole grain bread is probably the easiest way to eat these, and it’ll make your daily sandwiches an actual part of your diet.

Canned Soup: Eat Less
While it’s very easy and usually cost-effective, it’s hardly healthy. It’s been in a canned state for so long there’s hardly anything good left of all the vegetables in it.

Red Meat: Eat Less
This increases your risk of heart disease, so you should get your protein from chicken or fat fish instead. Try to avoid red meat whenever possible, as delicious as that steak may be.



Dark Vegetables: Eat More
Like the berries, dark vegetables are a good source of antioxidants which will help preserve your joints and heart.

Sauerkraut: Eat More
Sauerkraut is actually amazing to restore the bacterial balance in your gut and it’s easy to digest on top of that. And the best part: it goes perfectly on top of a hot dog.