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Jason Statham Bought And Sold A Big Mansion Because That’s What Rich People Do


If you ever want to be famous and buy a multi-million dollar house in, let’s say, Los Angeles, it probably helps to be an actor in Hollywood. Jason Statham realized this instantly and thanks to the lovely paycheck he got from doing a lot of movies where he plays essentially the same character and kicks a bunch of guys’ asses, he was able to afford a new mansion in LA that simple mortals like you and I can only dream of.

The house has a clear modern architecture to it, with lots of natural light, bright white walls and lots of lovely wooden accents. It’s certainly a place where you can invite people over without having to feel embarrassed. And that’s probably for the best too, since Jason uses this house as a place to crash for his friends and family from the U.K. whenever they come over.

Sadly, Jason’s friends and family will have to look elsewhere for their lodgings now. Jason is a notorious house flipper, so after buying and completely renovating this lovely LA mansion, he has already sold it for a whopping 18,5 million dollars. That’s an amount of money normal people can only dream of, times 18,5.

Jason has a real keen eye for real estate and has bought houses in Malibu, LA, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills and probably a bunch of other places. And let’s be honest: if you’ve got that amount of money, what else are you going to spend it on? You can hardly buy 20 Bugatti’s, can you?