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Ikea Recreates Famous TV Living Rooms And It’s Awesome


If you’ve ever had to decorate a house, you’ve probably come into close contact with the wonderful store that is Ikea. Recently they created a Real Life Series, but sadly it won’t be available everywhere. If you want to see the scenes in action, you need to visit the Ikea store in the United Arab Emirates. I guess it’s a decent excuse to go on a trip. Let’s take a look at some of the iconic TV sets that Ikea has recreated.
The Simpsons
Look, they even have the crooked hanging painting on the wall. That’s hilarious. You won’t be able to but everything in the exact color, but you can paint it however you like to get this effect.


Stranger Things
It’s kind of hard to separate this from the real thing, which makes me believe that the creators for Stranger Things actually went furniture shopping in Ikea.


Ah, the living room we all spent a huge part of the 90’s in. Thanks to Ikea, you can now spend even bigger parts of your life in a slightly more modern-looking version of the iconic set.

I’m pretty much sure Ikea doesn’t really need the marketing at the moment because I’m pretty sure they’re quite profitable already, but who can blame them for doing some of that viral social media marketing the kids seem to be fond of?

Game of Thrones (Bonus)
Well, this one isn’t part of the series in the United Arab Emirates, but doesn’t that look like a much more comfortable throne than the one they’d been fighting over for 9-or-so years on HBO?