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How To Catch Your Partner Cheating


Every relationship goes through periods where you feel like things aren’t going as great as they should be. It doesn’t have to be a total disaster for your relationship and you’ll often just overcome this period and grow closer together, but in rare cases it can lead to a situation where you and your partner are losing sight of each other so often that one of you may end up cheating. If you want to find out if your partner is cheating on you, you’ll probably have to catch them red handed. The good news is that there are some easy tricks you can do to help figure out if your partner may be cheating on you or not.

Spying on Their Phone

Modern day cheating is bound to have a digital footprint somewhere. Taking quick peeks at their phone can help you figure out who they’re communicating with and how frequently. You can even go the full psychopath way and just flat-out install spy apps on their phone. If you do that however, your partner is probably right to cheat on you in the first place.

Check Numbers

Spying on their phone is one thing, but you should definitely check the call logs as well. Compare them to the call log of your house phone and see if any numbers pop up that seem to repeat at certain intervals. It won’t look as suspicious if he calls someone with different numbers, so be sure to match and mix your info from different sources.

Detective Work

Sometimes you can even find some clues around the house. Keep your eyes open for things that look out of place and you may find some jewelry or pieces of clothing that you’ve never seen before. Maybe even a sudden desire from your partner to clear out the garbage more frequently than they should. It doesn’t have to mean anything per say, but it is a good indication that something might be up.

Look For Clear Signs

You don’t always have to go full Sherlock Holmes to figure out something is up. Are they trying to make cheap excuses to no longer spend time with you? Are the suddenly getting a new haircut and buying new clothes? Do they seem happier although your relationship is down in the gutter? It’s definitely a cause for alarm, and a reason to have a good heart to heart with your partner.

Drop By Unannounced

If they have a day off or are working from home, try to arrange having lunch or small breaks where you can come home unannounced. If your partner sees this as anything but a nice gesture and fun way to spend some time during the work day, they might have a reason for not wanting you in the house unannounced. Heck, if you get real lucky you can even catch them cheating on you!