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Frustrating Little Things You Do That Your Girlfriend Hates


Relationships aren’t easy. There’s no surefire way to get through them without some friction and frustration every once in a while. As much as you’ll try to communicate openly with your partner, there will always be a disconnect between both people. That doesn’t have to be problematic though, unless you’re doing things that she really, really hates.

Let’s take a look at some frustrating little things everyone does, but your girlfriend is probably going to hate.

Leave Your Socks

I get it: you put off your socks there, so you leave the socks there. It makes sense on paper. But just make sure to eventually put them in the laundry because Hell hath no fury like a woman that just discovered some stray socks.

Don’t Clean The Table

Seems like such a small thing to just leave the crumbs on the table, right? And it technically is, but it’ll annoy your girlfriend. Just wipe it off, it’s no big deal. It takes like 10 seconds and it saves you a lot of arguments and dirty looks.

Try To Have The Last Word In Arguments

Arguments aren’t about who won or lost, who’s right or wrong. Arguments are about one partner asking another partner to listen to their issues. That’s all. You don’t need to explain in great detail why you think she’s wrong or overreacting. It’ll only make things worse.

Don’t Introduce Her To Friends

As easy as it is to forget stuff like this, it’s not very polite. It’ll make her feel awkward, and women who get put in awkward situations get angry at whoever put them in that situation. So if you run into a friend you haven’t seen in a while, just introduce your girlfriend!

Buy Expensive Gifts

Use your brain, not your wallet. Get her something she cares about, not something that costs a lot of money. Most women actually find it very annoying when you do stuff like this, since you’ll probably share a bank account anyway sooner or later so she also paid for it. 

Compare Her To Other Girls

Just don’t do this, ever, under any circumstance. Don’t ask me to explain to you why because the ways of women are a perpetual enigma, but just believe me on this. Make her feel unique and beyond compare, and take it as literally as you can.

Not Asking For Directions

I know it’s an unwritten man-rule that if you get lost, you don’t ask people for directions. You take a map or GPS it out, but you don’t ask another living, breathing person for help. And you’ll get in trouble with your girlfriend for sticking to that rule.