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Fantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread Art by BlondieAndRye


Sometimes people start doing what they love, and it pays off. Some take up very niche hobbies that require a lot of practice and dedication, like music or painting, while others, like Hannah here, hit the nail on the head with a more relatable pastime activity.

Somewhere in North Carolina, Hannah P. is turning the most common food item imaginable into marvelous art installations. We’re talking bread, all kinds of it! The crusty loaves become her delicious edible canvases, which she decorates with berries, fruits, tomatoes, olives, onions, and pretty much anything colorful she finds in her personal backyard garden on that day.

It’s fascinating to see something as simple as a loaf of bread look this stunning, don’t you agree?

1. This one looks like a colorful painting. The flowers are made of tomatoes and onions, and the rest is just a spring salad.

2. Yellow tomatoes, green olives, red bell pepper, and lots of greenery. Not a single piece of meat, huh?

3. It’s a forest! Look at those mushrooms made of mushrooms and tomato trees. Yummy!

4. Before being baked in the oven, this is what these loaves look like.

5. Even raw, I’d eat these bread-bouquets in an instant.

6. Hannah uses violet potatoes to beautifully color her loaves.

7. More floral vibes. I’m getting hungrier by the minute.

8. Vegans all over the world will be happy to try it.

9. Okay, this is just a dough canvas. It’s a food painting! Love the sun, by the way.

10. These three little loaves would be perfect for a midnight snack.

11. No idea how Hanna did this, but I see cheese – I start salivating.

12. Buns or everyone! We got mushrooms, and peppers, and spinach, whatever you want.

13. A lot more people should see Hanna’s fantastic bread masterpieces like this one.

14. Green onions make it look so fresh and crusty.

15. Blackberries, raspberries, apricots, and cherries – perfect quartet for any tea party.