Disney Characters With Pokemon-Like Evolutions (18 Pics)


As a huge Pokemon fan myself, I’m always glad to see new amazing fanart on the internet. Some artists really bring up the best of what this franchise has to offer, others make funny comic strips about the misadventures of Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, and/or a plethora of other characters. And then there’s this dude Ry Spirit from Sydney, Australia. He went a few steps ahead and combined his love for Pokemon with our favorite Disney characters.

Basically what Ry did was he grabbed a Disney character, gave it a typing (just like in Pokemon), and designed both baby and evolved forms for them. It’s quite ingenious, actually, and I’m surprised it took 20+ years for someone to make a whole series of these.

Let’s look at some of those Pokemon/Disney fusions, and if you want to see more, go ahead and follow Ry on Instagram.



1. That Mickfoley looks tough as a nail!



2. Don would be an adorable Pokemon.



3. Switching from Normal to Dark? I would hate to cross the Goofather.

4. A perfect queen for Mickfooley.



5. Dai-Z must be a beast at parties.



6. Oof, imagine a dog evolving into a human… That’s just sad.

7. Not a fan of the Stutch, but Statch does look cuddly.



8. He’s a fierce warrior of the Monsters guild.



9. Together with Sullivorc this beast is unstoppable!

10. No-one can stop Ranzilla, not even eye.M.Scary



11. Ooh, yeah, that’s some badass canine design.



12. I wonder what the Z in Wall-Z stands for.

13. Never go full Eemo, kids.



14. I do NOT want to touch your carrot, mr Hare, please, calm down.



15. Getting cranky is his best character feature!

16. Boaris… how quaint.



17. Winnie the Skinny, am I right?



18. Hoot-Hoot, move aside, we have a new owl Pokemon now!