Cool Jobs You Could Have In The Future


With digitalization and automatization slowly but surely replacing human being with robots or computers in the workforce, it’s becoming more and more apparent that most of the jobs we know today have a very limited lifespan. Of course people need jobs in order for the economy to work, so what could possibly replace the jobs we have today? New jobs, of course!
Here’s a look at a few hypothetical jobs that might give you an idea of what it might look like in the future.



Robo Coach
Contrary to popular belief, robots won’t be able to learn everything through programming. We’ll need some amount of people that will guide and train the robots to use their training as well as possible.



Drone Pilot
Like a regular pilot, only you don’t really crash.

Virtual Security Officer
With automated cars and automated boats on the horizon, it only makes sense that someone would need to protect these from cyber assaults. Just imagine terrorist groups hacking cars to drive them into people.

Chief Automation Officer
The chief of the automated systems. It’s going to become the most important link between the company’s executives and the IT department.



It sounds weird, but what could be a better job in the future than someone to take care of our ecosystem and try to repair all the damage we’ve done over the years?

Space Tour Guide
Like a regular guide, but in space! Sounds a lot less boring this way, doesn’t it?

Digital Removalist
With the internet being forever, a potential job might be for someone to specialize in getting rid of all your embarrassing social media escapades.



Life Extension Doctor
Medicine in the future won’t be based around giving you antibiotics for the common cold – it’ll be much broader than that. A new branch of medicine will focus itself on prolonging life to seemingly unnatural lengths.

Cyber Security Threat Assessor
Just like you have regular threat assessment now, this will all shift to the cyberspace as we go online more and more. These guys will determine plans on how to protect our digital infrastructure to prevent as much attacks as possible.