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Check Out the Obamas’ New Digs


Being the president of the United States is one of the worst jobs imaginable, right up there with Assistant Crack Dealer. But being a former president is a pretty sweet gig. Until the position of Supreme Overlord of the Multiverse is created — and it’s only a matter of time — a president has reached their professional peak, and there’s really nothing left to do but *sigh* get paid millions to travel around the world giving speeches.

So how do you spend that money? If you’re the Obamas, you buy a $11.75 million beachside mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. Purchased in December 2019, the spacious vacation home — nearly 7000ft² (650m² ) — boasts seven bedrooms (one for each day of the week?) eight bathrooms, a two-car garage (Goodness! Where will they park their other vehicles?) a swimming pool, and a barn (for their alpacas, we can only assume). Just in case you aren’t jealous yet, we’ve got photos of their luxurious vacation home. Let’s take a look.

A Living Room That Would Impress Abraham Lincoln’s Father’s Boss

With its high ceilings, exposed steel beams and the beautiful hardwood floor, the living room has a modern, industrial feel. Its multiple windows allows for a lot of natural light, and that natural stone fireplace no doubt keeps them feeling warm on the chilly nights that pretty much define Massachusetts.

Plenty of Space For Snoozing

While the mansion in general is a sight to behold, the master bedroom in particular is quite stunning. It includes a private sun deck where they can take in views of the ocean. The bedroom also comes with a fireplace, and Michelle gets to soak in a full-sized tub in their huge ensuite bathroom, which also features a pair of His and Hers sinks. However, given that Mrs. Obama is not a fan of sharing the bathroom (a fact that she shared on The Today Show), it’s likely that Barack has to make do with any of the house’s other seven bathrooms. Poor guy.

A Kitchen Fit For a King and Queen

The Obamas’ kitchen already looks absolutely gigantic, but the overhead lighting makes it appear even bigger. The eat-in kitchen is perfect when they just want a cup of coffee or lunch for two, while the adjoining dining room is ideal for serving up a gourmet dinner with a dozen guests. There is also a ton of space to store all of the kitchen equipment.

Limitless Recreational Possibilities

The pristinely landscaped property sits on 30 acres, or the equivalent of 22 American football fields. That’s pretty large, guys, and provides the Obamas with a lot of ways to enjoy retirement. For instance, they can engage in their own tennis Battle of the Sexes tournament, courtesy of their professional-grade tennis court. Or if the mood suits them, they are able to take a stroll to the private beach for a swim or to take their boat out onto the water. Alternatively, they can wade in their in-ground swimming pool when they’re not in the mood to fend off sharks and jellyfish. There are also plenty of beds to lay out in the sun, and the patio table and chairs is exactly what they need for games of Poker.