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Amazon Is Selling A Life-Sized Inflatable Speedboat And Why Aren’t You Buying It Yet?


Rejoice, citizens of the Earth! We’ve reached the next inevitable step in evolution and we can finally stick it up to The Man, as was foretold in the ancient scripts.

 Amazon has added a new product to their already quite extensive line, being an inflatable speedboat. Yes, you read that right – you no longer need to be rich to own a speedboat.

It has most of the features you’d expect from a regular speedboat: it floats and you can invite people (up to six!) on it for drinks. It doesn’t actually go fast, so I guess it’s just an inflatable “boat” but I’m sure no one will actually mind. But that’s not all this little bad boy has up his sleeve!

Because it’s also quite a lot better than a regular speedboat in many respects. First of all, it’s way cheaper. At a price of $280, it’s pretty hard to pass this up. Considering how you can use it with six people at the same time, that’s not even $50 a person and you can spend a relaxing afternoon on the water, in a boat, with people you enjoy.

But what about the drinks, say you? Well, worry no longer! The boat has eight cup holders! Don’t ask me why they have eight cup holders while it’s been made painfully obvious that the boat only hosts six people max, but I guess they’ve taken two very enthusiastic drinkers into account in those calculations. I say we’d better not look this gift horse in the mouth.

And you know what’s even better than all that stuff? It has a built-in cooler. Just imagine the marvel of not having to worry whether your drinks are still cold or not, while on a boat that set you back not even $50 per person and came with two spare cupholders. Oh, and it’s also way easier to transport than a regular speedboat because, well, it deflates and folds. I might honestly buy like three of these.