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Amazing Gingerbread House Ideas


It’s that wonderful time of the year where we all forget we should be on a diet and stuff our faces with loads of sugary foods. Since the best way to evoke the Christmas spirit and move several steps closer to type II diabetes is by making/eating gingerbread houses, it’s an obvious choice for today’s article.
But just in case you were wondering: these aren’t regular gingerbread houses. These are next-level, impressing everyone gingerbread houses.



Gingerbread London
That’s not a gingerbread house, that’s an entire gingerbread city!



Gingerbread Log Cabin
Nothing like Christmas and cabins, right?



Gingerbread Pagoda
For your Japanese-styled Christmas desserts.



Sleeping Beauty Gingerbread House
Ain’t nothing wrong with adding some Disney to your desserts.

Gingerbread Despicable Me
Or adding some Universal.



Gingerbread Town
Not quite as impressive as London, but it’ll still make a few heads turn.



Gingerbread Stone Cottage
Cosy and delicious.

Gingerbread Cathedral
Celebrate the birth of Jesus by eating an unhealthy version of his Father’s house!



Gingerbread Shoe
… What? They don’t all have to be brilliant ideas. That shoe looks delicious.



Gingerbread Treehouse
This one will probably impress your kids.

Gingerbread Hogwarts
“You’re a baker, Harry.”



Gingerbread Red Square
For all your Russia needs on Christmas eve.



Gingerbread Teapot
And drink your tea out of a china house, that’ll be hilarious. People would be so confused.

Victorian Gingerbread House
Posh British dessert – coming up!



Gingerbread Mansion
Like in the real world – it’s a house, but bigger. And bigger is better.



Gingerbread Aladdin
More Disney! But with a more Eastern vibe.

Gingerbread Beauty and the Beast
I think you get the point by now: Disney gingerbread houses are amazing.



Gingerbread White House
Feel like a president, eat like a king.



Life-Sized Gingerbread House
Go hard or go home. If you can’t put people in it, it’s not really a house, is it?