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A Positive Side Of The USSR We Didn’t Expect To See (15 Pictures)


The era of the USSR had its ups and downs, but most importantly, we’ve successfully destroyed that malevolent regime and can now live in our capitalistic homes, drinking foreign beer and reading American comics. Alright, I’m no politician, and I suck at history, but what I do know is that not everything was bad and not everyone was miserable in the Soviet Union. In fact, there are still people alive today in the CIS countries (the countries that had made up the USSR besides Russia), who would rather go back to the “good old days”, rather than evolve and adapt. So, what was so great about living in the USSR? We brought you some pictures, so we can figure out what’s going on in them together!



1. I would love to see these moose statuettes…



2. There was no discrimination in the USSR. Women and men working hand in hand.



3. Hmm… Where ARE all the men?

4. Oh, they’re all just chillin’ at some concert, huh?



5. At least someone’s looking after the babies, I guess. Wouldn’t call in fair, really, but who else is going to do it?

6. This picture could have been easily taken today. Just a couple of hipster skiers catching a few z’s…



7. Army boys having some winter fun. Nothing bad about that.



8. I’ve no idea what he’s doing, but it looks important.

9. This can basically be any big city, because during that time everything looked pretty much the same, but I believe this is Moscow.



10. USSR Marines. The most vicious of the military forces.

11. Homework…Homework never changes.



12. Sort of looks like these kids live in those unfinished buildings, right? Best childhood ever.



13. Before Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards we had post stamps.

14. Don’t know why but I like this pic. The kid on the left is probably showing the other dude his high-score in flappy birds…



15. This is actually a photo from the 50’s, if Google is to be trusted. You can clearly see that art was alive and kicking even during the worst periods.