9 World’s Scariest Roller Coasters

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A well-timed surge of adrenaline can save your life, or at the very least make you faster and stronger than before… temporarily, of course. This could be the reason why people like horror movies, extreme sports, and roller coasters. If something makes you feel alive again it probably means your brain is being showered in endorphin, or in layman’s terms – you feel happy.


I don’t know about you but to me some roller coasters are just too much. They’re crossing the line between “fun” and “insanity”, but adrenaline junkies don’t seem to mind. Here are the 9 world’s scariest roller coasters!



1. Colossus, England
850 meters of unbelievable loopty-loops will scare the literal crap out of you if you’re not ready. The Colossus goes from zero to 65 km/h in mere seconds, and after that it’s all a blur.

Height: 121 ft (37 m)
Length: 4,990 ft (1,520 m)
Max vertical angle: 80°
Speed: 57 mph (92 km/h)
Duration: 3:40



2. White Cyclone, Japan
The white Cyclone goes up to 100 km/h and is nearly twice as long as the previous coaster (1.7 km). Let’s see if anyone can beat that.

Height:139 ft (42 m)
Length: 5,577.42 ft (1,700.00 m)
Speed: 63.4 mph (102.0 km/h)
Duration: 2:38

3. Son of Beast, Cincinnati, USA
At 66 meters high, Son of Beast was once a record-breaking wooden roller coaster, but in 2006 something even more horrifying took its title.

Height: 218 ft (66 m)
Length: 7,032 ft (2,143 m)
Max vertical angle: 55.7°
Speed: 78.4 mph (126.2 km/h)
Duration: 2:20

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