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9 Unexpected Places Where You Can Access A WiFi Hotspot


We’ve got a serious problem, guys. On one hand, you’ve got an amazing vacation coming in some remote, far-flung part of the world. On the other hand, how are you supposed to find out what Taylor Swift’s up to on Instagram if you have no way to connect to the Internet? This is Code Red-level, full-brown crisis situation indeed! Or is it? Turns out, you can watch all of those viral videos of cats doing dumb things in the most unexpected of places. Interesting, right? Here is a list of unexpected places where you can find a Wi-Fi hotspots. So let’s go ahead and do that for you.



1. The North Pole
This one might seem obvious to most people. After all, Santa Claus lives there, duh. He needs the Internet just like the rest of us. The Barneo Ice Camp, around 50 miles (80km) from contains a Wi-Fi hotspot that was installed by some Intel employees in 2005.



2. Easter Island
While this remote South American Island feels like it is located in another galaxy, a Wi-Fi hotspot is never far away. So as you stare blankly at the mysterious Moai statues, you will be able to do a Google search and figure out how they got there. Spoiler: it was ancient aliens because…logic?

3. Sarahan, Himachal, India
This tiny mountain village in the Kinnaur Valley is home to the exotic 800 year old Bhimakali Temple and didn’t even have electricity until 2005. But these days you can still connect to the Internet thanks to a 65 ft (20 meter) tower. Say, anybody up for taking a selfie in front of the mountain with me? Not really? Okay.

4. Mount Everest
Okay, so you can’t actually get Wi-Fi once you reach the summit of Mount Everest. But you can find hotspots at various points along the journey all the way through the Everest Camp base, which is around 17,600 ft (5360 meters) up.



5. Mount Fuji, Japan
Once you conquer the iconic 12,400 ft (3776 meter) Japanese volcanic mountain, a Wi-Fi hotspot is your reward! You can connect to the Internet at 8 different points around the volcano, including at the three cottages at the summit. But keep in mind that once you log in, you can only access Wi-Fi for 72 hours because, it’s like, don’t forget about the real world, Dude.

6. On Donkeys in Kfar Kedem, Israel
Back in the old days when everything was still in black and white, if you wanted to read Donald Trump’s tweets, you sure as hell couldn’t do it wild riding on the back of a donkey! But that’s in the past. Today we live in a world full of color. And donkeys with small bags hanging around their necks containing Wi-Fi routers. That’s what you’ll get if you visit a local amusement park in the town of Kfar Kedem.

7. The Moon
If the only thing preventing you from booking a trip to the Moon was the inability to read your FB friends’ super important posts while there, we’ve got some good news: scientists have beamed a Wi-Fi signal to the Moon so that someday future generations who travel there will be able to click that unfriend button from 239,000 miles away.



8. Beveren Prison near Antwerp, Belgium
Is the American prison system not cushy enough for you? We’ve got a suggestion: make your way to Belgium, burn somebody’s house to the ground, and do hard time at Beveren Prison, where the inmates have access to a Wi-Fi connection! Seriously though, don’t commit arson.

9. Oak Grove Cemetery in Paducah, Kentucky
You’ve got this dilemma: As much as you would like to head off to the cemetery to pay your respects to your late Great Aunt Grizelda, you wouldn’t be caught dead going to a place that lacks Wi-Fi! Hahahah!!! I’m so clever and stuff. Anyways, if your loved ones are buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Paducah, Kentucky, you’ll have no excuses because they’ve actually got a hotspot there!