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9 Real Life Treasure Hunts


Probably all of us at some point were fascinated with finding a treasure. Maybe after watching Indiana Jones, or reading one of Jules Verne’s adventure books, some of you got that treasure-hunter’s itch that needed to be scratched, so you went to the back yard and started shoveling tirelessly. Now, most likely, at the end of the day all you found was a bunch of earthworms and an old penny, but that was more than enough to sate your childhood curiosity.


But what if I told you that some actual treasures are still out there, just waiting to be discovered? You could stumble upon something either randomly, or by following all sorts of clever hints and puzzles from centuries ago, but you’d be still hunting treasures!



1. Oak Island “The Money Pit”
In 1795 three friends discovered an incredibly deep pit on Oak Island, which they called “the money pit” because they thought that’s what was at the bottom. Interestingly enough, till this day nobody had gone all the way down.



2. Lost Treasure of the Alamo
Of course you’ve heard of the Alamo battle, but did you know that there are rumors of Davy Crockett stashing valuables somewhere in the area? That’s hidden treasure waiting to be found!

3. The Imperial Seal
Over 1100 years ago the Imperial Seal of China, which was in possession of the Royal family for over a thousand years at that point, had simply vanished. Some people even think it’s a myth all together, and I can’t blame them.

4. The Florentine Diamond
The legendary Medici family were the initial owners of this luxurious gemstone, but after they all dies the diamond was passed to the Imperial Family of Austria, and then to Switzerland. This was the last time anyone’s ever seen it till this day.



5. The Golden Owl
A dude named Max Valentin hid a golden owl somewhere out there and left the clues about its location all over France. People have been looking for it for 25 years. Too bad this Max guy had died and now no-one will find that treasure ever… Unless we overcome our greed and work as one!

6. 2,000 Year Old Menorah
This unique Menorah has been gathering dust for centuries in Rome’s Temple of Peace, until the day the fire nation invaded. Okay it was just a small fire about a 100 years ago, but nobody’s seen the artifact ever since.

7. The Flor Do Mar
Sunken ships are always a hot topic when it comes to treasure hunting. And so, one of Portugal’s most famous ships Flor Do Mar was loaded with a crap ton of gold, set sail, and of course, sunk. Thing is, nobody knows there that happened, so the gold is still up for grabs, technically!



8. Treasure of the Templars
Templars are kinda known for their gold-lust, so it comes as no surprise that after being proclaimed as heretics by the Pope, they all grabbed what they could and fled. Most were caught but some slipped through the cracks and settled in Scotland. Which is where the treasures are buried, I bet!

9. The Confederate Gold
This is one of the most notorious cases of stashing gold so nobody could find it, then dying and not telling anyone where the treasure was. Yup, that’s exactly what happened to the southern president Jefferson Davis. He skipped town with hundreds of gold bars but was eventually caught having only a few bucks on him. Hey, maybe you’ll be the one to find his gold one day!